Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hot, humid and hairy

The humidity was at a peak today and driving from house to house would have been torture if it wasn't for the a/c. Most homes are air-conditioned but even if they are not,  keeping the doors and curtains closed kept each house cool enough.

There was cat-sitting to do in three little towns today; Carleton Place, Almonte  and Beckwith and many country roads to drive. I felt sorry for the road workers at construction sites as I drove by. The humidity was sickening and most were wiping their heads and squinting.

All the kitties were comfortable and happy to have company for awhile. There was brushing and combing to do and time was set aside for a chit-chat. Cats love nothing more than for you to sit with them and just talk. They love to have 100% of your attention and you can see it in their eyes. The feeding is always done last. That way they are enjoying their meal as I head out the door.

 On my way home after finishing up for the day I saw that most sites had shut down early and the workers were gone. I didn't blame them.
I finished up just in time for my dinner.
It was fish and chip night in a cool pub and then time to call it a day.

hugs, Deb


  1. The humidity and heat are so hard on outdoor workers. Glad the kitties and you are staying cool!


  2. That kitty is very beautiful and not afraid of the flashy box.

  3. Hi Deb,
    Just checking in on you and the kitties. Looks like all is well.


  4. No air for me -- generally not bad but yesterday was sticky as all get-out. Lizzie is in serious hair mode. Every day I brush her and get out so much!

  5. This sounds like a job I would LOVE. I don't think our area has any cat-sitters like you. I know my cats would be happy to have you care for them when we go away. Blizzard especially loves chit-chatting with visitors.

    A pub fish & chip dinner sounds good to me right now.

  6. It is miserable here as well and I always feel so bad for the workers outside. I could never do it! Hope your weather gets better soon.

    I like how you feed the cats at the end so they are eating as you leave - great idea!