Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Hot as hell...

 It's so hot these last few days that you work about 20 minutes in the gardens and then give up. It's stifling hot...unbearable.

So in-door projects are getting some attention and the a/c is on full blast.

These two staying cool on the stairs to the loft.

One thing we can do for the wildlife is keep the three baths filled with cold water but that's it. They don't come to feeders until the sun is down these days and we only offer black sunflower seeds in the summer months.

I've been keeping my raccoon friend fed at night and the bunny gets lettuce and seed, too. Oh, and the odd pot of pansies. lol

My dahlias have gone nuts...budding and blooming like crazy. It's so exciting to grow them and have them at their best just as other flowers are looking tired. I check on them three times a day like a lunatic but I have to be sure the blooms don't get attacked by bugs after all the work of getting them here. If the bugs are on them I cover the blooms with organza bags. blooms appear that's becoming a bit of a chore. They may be on their own soon.  Vases and mason jars are holding the mature blooms and keeping the potting shed and home looking pretty. Thank God the heat has gotten rid of the earwigs. They've gone under ground with the fairies. lol

Here's some colour for you...

Sylvia -she's a stunner


                                                                    Triple Lee Dee

                                                  Pink Onesta - just blooming this week
                                                                      Worth the wait

                                                                Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot

Youngest daughter Allie heading home with a few posies. The phlox are nice to add to a vase of dahlias just for the fragrance alone.

All our nesting birds have fledged now but some still stay around the property. I'm so glad they are out of the houses as they would be like little ovens these days. The last to leave was a beautiful family of House Wrens.
                                                                      Pink Onesta

How is your weather? Canada may have the coldest winters but holy cow I bet we keep up with other countries if not surpass them with our summer heat.

I'm heading out for a cool drive in the car and find a Dairy Queen. I'll leave you a little posie of shrub dahlias.

Be kind

Be cool


 Flo says "howdy" from the shed. Her and I had lunch together yesterday. lol

She's a little cracker jack.

hugs, Deb


  1. Yes, it is hot all over... and may continue to heat up with Climate change. Your flowers are beautiful as is your youngest daughter... and Flo is pretty cute too.

  2. Flo pose is adorable. Gail

  3. North Central Ohio is also like a steam bath with heat and humidity
    this whole week. Love the dahlias. Nice to see Cora and Wilson
    in the cool.

  4. The cats look as knackered as I feel.

  5. Deb, you have become a dahlia genius! You are doing so well with them and they reward you for your work. I love the picture of Cora and Wilson, they always steal my heart.

    We are also having the extremely high heat this summer here in Missouri. It is almost 9:00 PM now and has just cooled off to 90 degrees F. so not even cool at night. For the first time I have hired someone to cut the grass for me as I just can not handle this heat.

    That picture of Flo is adorable! She looks like she may be asking for seconds for lunch.

    I send my best to you and your loved ones! Keep working your magic on those dahlias!

  6. Here in south-central Kentucky we've hit our highest heat of the summer. Stepping outside the air-conditioned house is like being wrapped in a hot moist blanket. Our cats who usually like to wander about outside are happily flopping indoors for hours at a time.

  7. It's hot as hell here in Michigan, too. We thought last night's megastorm might cool it off but it just seems to have made it more humid, along with hot, and leave water in the basement. Ugh. I'm looking forwar to getting back to the lake. At least I can go jump in it when it's hot. But your garden is looking really fabulous! It's so good to hear from you!

  8. Or as my step-dad used to say, "hot as 40 hells"! It's the same here and I am done with working outside, at least until the weather cools off a little. Your daughter is so pretty. She has the sweetest smile. Reminds me of you, a lot. Flo is adorable! How do you come up with the perfect names for all the critters around your place? That is so cute. And, the Dahlias! You could grow more and more and set up a flower stand. I've never had any luck growing Dahlias. Yours are so beautiful. Hug those two sweet kitties for us. :)

  9. Love your menagerie and beautiful garden flowers! Sorry about the heat! New Mexico is having a mild August (87 today).

  10. Hello from Cork, Ireland where it's a cool 65F. Today I have cut back all my roses as most of them have finished flowering. We only cut the grass once a month. We are being encouraged by the gardening experts to make efforts to attract more wildlife to our gardens. I have created a small pond and already there are more birds and bees around the garden. I have gathered some off cuts from timber to make bird houses. I love your cats and your garden. I love reading about life in Canada. Hopefully your weather will cool down soon. Wonderful to have air-conditioning. We don't need it here. Our summers are cool, only a week of hot weather this month which is very unusual for us. Climate change is making a difference because we are getting more rain and more severe winter storms.