Wednesday, February 5, 2014


It snowed all day today.  The snow plows have been working over-time since yesterday. Sierra sits so patiently hoping for a glimpse of her mailman. After a bit of shopping,  I spent much of the day cleaning out the spare-bedroom as it is soon to be painted. The 'toss out' box filled up quickly and it will all be taken to our local thrift shop tomorrow.

Kane had a bath and smells like a flower. This messy weather is awful for a Collie coat and he is in need of a thorough cleaning twice a month now. He loves his bath (really) and almost falls asleep standing up. Once bathed, he has his lunch and then snoozes the afternoon away.
He has a pretty good life this old dog of mine.

I made a huge salad for dinner tonight. There is a roast in the oven with all the trimmings but I don't eat beef so the retired-guy and the animals will enjoy that. Yes, we cut up some for the cats to share on a plate and Kane has always been home-fed. All our cats are mostly fed Wellness chicken moist and a very small amount of dry food but they always enjoy a little 'extra treat'. Only Audrey will not eat sliced lean meat. She has no time for it. She gets absolutely disgusted with me when I offer her a piece. Give her cat food and she's happiest. Did I mention she's a bit odd?

Sierra found a sun-puddle.

Our little Gwyn is 5 months old today.
"Happy 5 months Birthday, Gwyn"
                                                                 "We love you to pieces"

hugs, Deb


  1. I'm like Kane, I have my shower in the evening,then straight to bed!
    Jane x

  2. All precious! Miss Gwyn is a princess!!

  3. Hey Kane =) You smell like spring in the middle of winter. Do dogs like ear scriches? I'll give you one anyway and hope for the best.
    I hope Sierra's post man pays her some attention soon!

  4. Miss Gwynn is adorable, Sierra too. Stay snug in all that snow x

  5. Gwynn is such a cutie. Six weeks until Spring?!?! I hope Spring springs on time!

  6. Lovely photos . Yup snowed here all night and all day to . I hope this is the last snow storm of the season but I have my doubts . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  7. Sorry I have been AWOL......
    I spy a sweet miss Gwyn.....♥️
    An African violet.....
    Adorable S&P's....
    And......yet another sun puddle....
    Sorry about the snow......
    Linda :o)

  8. Oh that smile on little Gwyn's face is so sweet! Kane and the kitties have a pretty great life with you and the retired guy! Hugs!

  9. All your photos are sweet and little Gwyn is growing and her smile is gorgeous!

  10. At least you can still find some sun puddles.

  11. Gywn is growing so fast and she is beautiful. I think Audrey's oddity is h

  12. Audrey's very odd, but that's a good thing.

    Sierra looks utterly stoic in that first shot.

    And a good nap is always appealing. Kane knows that very well...

  13. Gwyn is so beuutiful! Oh my!

    Lily, WA, USA

  14. Are you saying that Kane has only had people food, no dog food? I took a lot of flack from people for feeding my dogs and cats people food. They did not have digestive troubles and all lived far beyond their normal expected life span. My cats do get canned cat food now but I don't really trust it.

  15. Liebe Deb,
    sehr schöne Fotos und herzlichen Glückwunsch für Gwyn. Ein süßes Kind.
    Liebe Grüße von Tatjana

  16. Wow, look at Sierra showing off her pretty pattern arm.

  17. Winter has become quite tiresome has it not?
    Spring please!
    Your grandbaby is adorable.
    xo Catherine

  18. My vet advocates Wellness and a little dry as well but also advocates for healthy people food -- chicken, etc. Unfortunately, Lizzie would prefer peppermint stick ice cream (so would I, truth be told) and popcorn -- neither of which she is allowed. I'll keep trying! Stay toasty -- it's too white for me...

  19. Rose, Ghost, and Molly love 'people food' (well, chicken and anything that has cream in it)... whereas my B&W's never have.

    We too (Dallas, TX) have snow today and the temp was 16 degrees F!! COLD!!
    I don't do well in cold... so it's another day by the fireplace reading, crocheting, or knitting (such torture).

    Love the S&P shakers! And of course love the pic of Gwyn!