Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Doin' what it takes

When it's cold out and the snow is falling, Audrey finds a hidey-hole to spend her day.

I, on the other hand, brew up a pot of tea and enjoy it in a favorite cup with a cookie or four. ;-]

We are just two gals doin' what it takes to get through the rest of this long, tiresome, Canadian winter.

Don't you just love gifts for no reason at all? Last night my youngest flew in the door with her laundry and on her way to yoga and said "Mom...this had your name all over it." She then presented me with a cute little cotton tea towel she found in a shop in the beautiful town of Perth.

She knows I just 'dig' this stuff. ha!

It's 100% cotton so I expect it will always have wrinkles.
But hey, I live with wrinkles. :-b

I'm pretty sure I have tried every one of these teas. It's my new favorite thing. "Thanks Brat."

I said "farewell" to Dominique 'til next time.

Isn't she a beauty!

hugs, Deb


  1. Yes, Dominique is indeed a beauty!

    I can appreciate Audrey's hidey hole idea.

  2. That tea towel as you written all over it!
    Just made some veg pot pies, now I'm sitting by the fire with coffee and cookies waiting for the next dump of snow (BLECH).
    Jane x

  3. Love the cute! I like just because gifts! Audrey I've been hiding under blankets when we have snow also!! Hugs, Linda

  4. That 'tea towel' is great! And Dominique really is a beauty.

  5. Oh make me laugh♥️
    Great tea towel.....I would love one....nice brat!
    Enjoy the rain!
    Linda :o)

  6. Now that is a lovely gift! You always make your tea time something beautiful! Oh, that Dominique....she is so elegant!

  7. I like cloths with the fine wrinkles in them. I'm suspicious of fabric that doesn't wrinkle. That was a nice gift. You're right: the gifts given 'just because' are wonderful.

  8. love the new tea towel ... enjoy!

  9. Love the tea-towel (and the cat!)