Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A little change might help

I put the blue and white china away for now. It was time to bring out more spring-like colours.

I think I have enough tea-cups for everyone of you to come for tea.
Maybe that will help get over the winter blues.

The biscuit barrel is a Royal Doulton made in England.
I found it in an antique shop years back. 
The inside is completely porcelain.
I'm craving yellow flowers so some yellow-painted dishes will do right now.

Both the gravy boat and the hot plate were a gift from friend and artist Ronna from
They add some whimsy to my old cupboard.
I'm on the hunt for a different light for over the table.

The african violets are placed on the table to catch the morning sun.

Cat trivia

Did you know that the white cat is also known as the February cat? That's because their pristine, snow-white colouring reminds people of the snowy February days and the beauty of winter. (Which right now does not look so beautiful anymore)

This is our Lily. She is all white with two gold eyes. She is in her 19th year now and she is beautiful.

                                             Our February cat who is very loved.

hugs, Deb


  1. So pretty! Love the gravy boat and hot plate! They are purr-fect!

  2. Hello, just discovered your blog and love it! No only can you take photos of your lovely cats, but you have cat clients to work with too! That's a slice of heaven, in my book. I am in the part of Michigan that is north of Canada a bit, on Lake St. Clair.

  3. Oh I love the biscuit barrel, and that cat gravy boat -- how adorable is that!
    Lily is a beauty!

  4. As winter drags on, it so nice to be reminded that there is a spring. We are told that, where we live , we may
    hit 90F/32C this weekend. Over 20 degrees higher than normal. What can this mean for summer?????

  5. Nice to see your walls lined with photos....
    I like that♥️
    Your Violets are looking pretty darn good!
    Hang in there...this has to end sometime........right?
    Linda :o)

  6. That biscuit barrel is indeed fascinating to look on...

    Lily's a beauty.

  7. Hmmm...spring like colors...are you trying to tease me? LOL!
    Keep warm!
    xo Catherine

  8. I was thinking of you today and thought I'd pop by and see your spring-like colours. However, the main reason you came to mind is because I had a 4 year old foster cat move in with me last night. She has a back story of being exceeding shy; she went from one home to a second; after a few weeks, the second person wanted her gone because she kept hiding. She's under the bed here now, poor puss. I hope she starts to feel more comfortable during her foster time here.

  9. I love your cupboards and always enjoy the changes. Lily is so pretty!

  10. I love your cupboard and the trivia on white cats. Lily is just amazing--it's snowing here in the South and I'm wishing for the sunshine, XOXO

  11. Your spring display of china looks lovely Deb!
    Happy Valentines day!

    Madelief x

  12. Ronna's kitties!!!!

    Love the biscuit barrel. And I am going to steal that "February cat fact" for our OSPCA shelter twitter feed (which I now look after.)