Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Introducing Mixed-media Artists

I'm showing off a piece of jewellery I love today. This brooch is created and designed by mixed-media artist, Deborah Guthrie
I purchased one as a little Christmas gift to myself.

I finally finished a basket weave scarf to wear and thought it would make a good back-drop for this beautiful brooch. It's big and makes a statement.

                                           There is an Inn at the crossroads ahead.
I fell in love with the colours and texture.

One of my clients, Donna is also a Mixed Media Artist. She is owned by Rosie, Otis & Lola.
She is also the rescuer of Molly who gave birth to nine kittens in a foster home. Donna took Molly off the street and found her a safe haven with the Ottawa Cat Rescue Network.
Drop over to meet Donna and see some of her work.

It was a frigid, cold day here in Ontario. We are still wearing hats, mits, scarves and boots just to go for a walk about town.
Here's how I left my kitty-client Quincy this morning. After I fed him and Flash, I threw a handful of nuts out for the poor, cold squirrels. I love when my clients leave instructions to feed the birds and squirrels while they travel. That says a lot for them, I think. And Quincy and Flash appreciate it. This should keep them busy for awhile and then they'll be welcoming their owners home today.

21 days 'til Spring. 
We are so ready.
hugs, Deb


  1. Very pretty scarf and pin . I bet kitties will miss you and you them . Lovely photos . Day light savings on the 9th clocks forward and spring on the 20th WOOHOO ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. It's bitter cold in Detroit-area too; I worry so about my friendly ferals. I wear three scarves when I go outside; one wooly one around my neck, a big doubled square for my shoulders, then my coat, and then a long, knit scarf (made by my mother!) that I tie around my face. I stopped knitting when the cats came into our lives; they attacked both the yarn and the needles. However, I plan on starting again some day; I mostly knit baby blankets (flat and rectangle!) Cool pin!

  3. Hi Deb!

    I have a few questions for you with regards to your "reprogramming " of kitties who eliminate outside the box. Would you be so kind as to email me so that I could ask you a few specifics. I really need help!

    Thanks so much,

    Sophie from the critters in the cottage xo

  4. This icy wind tonight feels like the last straw. Spring cannot come soon enough for me and all the poor wildlife that is suffering through it. The brooch is gorgeous and the sentiment is lovely!

  5. My kind of brooch, big and bold, love it.

  6. Here we are waiting the Autumn!!!!! =)

  7. Your scarf and pin look great together, Deb. I like the creativity that each express.


  8. Basketweave makes such a pretty scarf pattern. Love your new brooch on your scarf. I'm a big mixed-media fan. Stay warm.

  9. I love the colours of your pin! They look so wonderful for you. And the saying...quite profound. If there is an Inn at our life's crossroads, we can get through anything! Scarf turned out superbly!

  10. I LOVEYOUR SCARF........and brooch♥️

  11. Thank you Deb. I am so amazed to come home from a day of work away with one of my students and find such lovely coverage through words and photos of one of my pins. The pin is inspired by a line in a Game of Thrones novel. So glad you like the colour and texture. I enjoy making them and bigger ones that tell a bit of a story are especially fun to make. I am getting ready to feature my pin making on my Facebook Artist Page and your write up spurs me on. Thank you ever so much again.