Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just add chocolate

It was a beautiful day yesterday. The sun was warm and the temps. were above freezing. Kane got his 40 minute walk without his winter coat on. He had a bit of a skip in his step.

You know it's warming up when you see cats (and dogs) on verandas, porches and in windows.  Everyone was enjoying this little break from winter. This dog wanted to take on my dog.

A senior soaking up the sun.
I LOVE the seniors.

"Oh's another senior." haha!
What does it take to get me to drink beer? Just add chocolate to it.

The first few sips were great and I could really taste the chocolate. But then the taste of the beer itself took over and ruined the whole experience. Apparently you true blue beer drinkers can only drink one of these unless you have a real sweet-tooth.
Here's a recipe for Chocolate Stout Beer.

The fish and chips...always perfect. :)

So, now we re waiting for heavy rain with ice-pellets for most of the night. Temperatures will then drop so you know what that means. I'm glad most of my weekend cat-sitting is right in town as I hate driving on icy roads. I have some beauties to care for and I'll be sure to show them off next week.

hugs, Deb


  1. The proverbial calm before the storm.... the cats that you cross paths with are wise to take advantage. And that dog looks very curious.

  2. Well done for even tasting chocolate and beer, I think you qualify for some sort of foodie bravery award!!

    It's dry here this morning on the south coast of the UK and we have sun too this morning. I'm hoping my little brood of pussycats will nip outside for a while. They're all clinging on to the sofa at the moment!

    Looking forward to your new cat photos next week

    Linda xx

  3. As much as I like chocolate and beer, I'm sure I'd like to combine them in a drink! Glad Kane got his walk. Stay warm!

  4. Kudos for trying it!
    My bunch were fascinated by the ice pellets hitting the windows last night!
    Jane x

  5. It's good to read that Kane is still enjoying his walks. Thirteen, is he? What a marvel he is.

  6. I am a beer lover...but...nothing flavored.....or dark!
    Also......a fish and chip lover!
    Great shots of the sun loving felines....
    Looks like you live in a very interesting architectural neighbourhood......*jealous*
    Hope you are out and about today....not too much ice!
    Enjoy your weekend, Deb..
    Linda :o)

  7. I LOVE to see the furbabies soaking up the rays - somehow it warms my own heart!

  8. Ooh, I would love your job! I'm sure many indoor/outdoor kitties are itching to get outside. Mine love to watch the snow fall and the snow plows. Looks like no end in sight to Winter.

  9. I love senior kitties! They're the best!
    They're everything we enjoy in cats.
    When people say that the seniors will die too soon, I tell them I'd rather have less years and have those years be absolutely exquisite!
    Beer! Ugh! If I must be sociable, I'll choke down shandy.

  10. Augh, I wish it hadn't rained!! It's terribly icy out there.

    But here's the chocolate beer I like: