Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sun-lit Sunday

In our home there is never a sun-beam wasted.

Our white cat, Lily, Sierra and our darling boy, Ed. This was one of the rare times that Lily and Ed were not sharing a cushion or a cat-bed.
We have been missing Ed so much these days.

I'm joining for Sun-lit Sunday.

hugs, Deb


  1. Very nice picture! They looks so friendly -
    Have a great ans quiet sunday

  2. Hello Deb
    Isn't that wonderful - the three cats all know where to find the sunbeams!!!
    What a lovely photo you've captured!
    Lovely meeting up at Sunlit Sunday.
    I'm following you now.

  3. Such a great picture! All sharing a sun beam! Brightened up my gloomy Sunday morning here in UK

  4. You are so good at capturing cats in the sunlight. The picture looks so cozy , comfortable furniture, sunlight, and cats !

    I am sorry for your loss. Ed made a big difference and the loss of Ed has made a very big difference to all of you.

  5. I love cats!!! And your image just makes me smile!!!

  6. Nice to see everyone found a place in the sun.

  7. Hi Deb,

    Well, your lovelies certainly know how to catch those rays! They look so cozy and warm. Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting via Karen's,


  8. 5 years after Kitty passed we still cannot talk about her without a tear in our eye so i know how you feel Deb

  9. It's rude to waste a sunbeam...cats have impeccable manners!
    Jane x

  10. I'm sorry that Ed is not longer with you, Deb. Now that Claire is in my house, I find myself thinking more about my late tabby, Sam. I've had to catch myself a few times as I said his name instead of hers.

    This photo shows a picture of Sunlit Sunday contentment, with all three pusses enjoying the sunlight. Smart animals!


  11. What a wonderful picture. I feel your loss. It has been 5 years since I lost my Oskar the Samoyed and I still miss him terribly. My family still talks about him often. Amazing how one furry love can leave such a big hole in your life.
    Marty's Mom Kelly

  12. Oh comes the sun and it's joyous! Rosie loves it as much as your crew:-D XOXO

  13. That's a lovely sunny shot. All together sharing sunbeams x

  14. Dear Deb,

    It looks like your cats are enjoying the sun very much! I did exactly the same today. It was bright and sunny in The Netherlands too!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  15. If these three little kittens lost their mittens...they don't seem to mind! Adorable trio in the sun! Smiles...Susan

  16. Ed! Oh, it's so good to see him again.
    It's comforting to know that his last years were so wonderful. I hope his whole life was like that. I don't recall,
    or maybe I've forgotten, if you've
    ever told us about his life prior
    coming to live with you. I'd like to
    think he knows how much he is loved
    and remembered by all of his

  17. Awww, Ed!! Great photo of lovely kitties soaking up the sun!

  18. They really seem to be enjoying the sun and really seeking it out. You have a beautiful home, by the way.

  19. They are perfectly lined up! Great photo.

  20. Wow! All evenly spaced along the sun's ray. Love it!

    Linda xx

  21. I just found your blog and am thoroughly enjoying the pictures and reading your entries. So cozy and warm. Kitties and tea are two of my favorites, too.

  22. Cats are good about not wasting sunbeams! It makes me smile when I see my boys doing this. All lined up trying to get a piece of the warmth :) I've been missing my Sylvester a lot lately as well. They are gone but truly never forgotten.