Thursday, February 27, 2014

...Vroooom & let's feed the hungry.

Sierra has always wanted to drive a car.
I found her a nice big box for her to 'pretend drive'.
I can hear the "vrooooom....vrooooom" coming from the kitchen.

I've told her over and over "10 and 2, Sierra. 10 and 2."
She never listens.

It is cold again. Not much sun and the wind is biting. Right now it is snowing.
I listened to a show last night where a staff member at one of our local wild-life centers was being interviewed. She said that they are finding that most animals that are brought into their sanctuary this year for one reason or another is also starving. The animals are much thinner and in worst shape than other years. They blame the amount of snow and the severe cold that we are experiencing this winter which is keeping the rodents and other food sources unavailable.
She asked that if people can put seed, fruit, suet and such out for the birds and other wild-life for the remainder of the winter it would certainly help them.

(taken at a client's home)

Where I feed feral cats I see tracks of birds, raccoon & rabbits often; sometimes deer. I have known for a long time that I am also feeding wild-life but I don't mind when I hear reports such as this. Everything is hungry.

We are all getting very tired of this winter weather.

For LesleyAnn...One way to introduce soft food to cats, who in the past did not take to it, is to add a spoonful of it to their dry food for awhile. They will soon get used to the texture of it. Then try to give a small amount to them separate from their dry kibble. has suggested sprinkling a little parmesan cheese over the soft food. Her kitties took to it right away. She then decreased the amount of cheese and her cats now eat soft food daily.

Hope this will help.
hugs, Deb


  1. Sierra,if the airbag goes off you'll be in trouble!
    We've been feeding all winter...just about to put out some carrot and greens trimmings for the jack rabbit visitors.
    Jane x

  2. Sierra at least you have both paws on the wheel!!! I know all the animals are hungry with this cold weather.

  3. Sierra, you look like you were made to drive.

    My parents had deer around the house- one of the neighbours would put out some hay for them, and the deer would pass through the yard through the winter. They also came to lick up the bird seed.

    For some reason, they also liked the occasional slice of bread. My mother would toss out a slice if she saw them, and a few moments later, the deer would come up and gobble it up.

  4. That's so hilarious! I just love your cat stories.

  5. I can imagine Sierra "vrooming" in joy over her new box! This winter has been bad for all of God's critters. Stay warm.

  6. 😜that made me laugh, Deb...
    I will get right on the feeding ASAP
    Should be back in the saddle by Monday afternoon....
    I guess Red was really hungry......all the way to Ottawa! Hahaha!
    Linda :o)

  7. It's supposed to be an extra cold windchill this weekend. I'm going to indeed put out extra food for the birds!!
    Keep warm Deb!
    xo Catherine

  8. Sierra is wearing her very own little gray driving gloves. So adorable! And what a good girl. She's keeping her eyes on the road.

  9. You definitely have had your share of snow and winter! However, your home always looks warm, cozy, and very friendly, XOXO

  10. That is really a lovely winter scene... with the snow and the deer.

  11. I was just thinking today how it has been an awfully hard winter for the animals! Glad I can at least feed the birds.

  12. Thank you! I'll give that a try. My cats have odd taste buds, I guess. What one loves (such as cottage cheese) the other won't go near. I'll see if the parm cheese works for either.