Sunday, February 9, 2014

keeping busy

Montreal, Quebec is about to open it's first Canadian Cat Cafe this summer.
And another will be open in the Fall of 2014 in Vancouver, Canada by a local cat-sitter. I like that.
I'd say it is now the 'in thing' for cat-lovers.

I have been neglecting to show you some of my kitty-clients lately. I have had lots of fun caring for stay-at-home cats while their owners travel to sun-filled, exotic places.

Here are four of my 'charges'...
                               Petra waits patiently (or not) for her dinner.
Lovely Lola is not impressed with the camera but happy that her eyes match the bedspread.
She is actually a big purr-bunny but always has a look of 'I'm outtahere' on her beautiful face.

Ace & Caesar
Gorgeous, silly cats. =^..^= I love, love, love these boys.

More comin...

Here's another soon-to-be cat cafe about to open in San Franscisco.
Love the name.

hugs, Deb


  1. Petra and Lola remind me of tuxedo cats my parents had.

  2. OMG --- you are a girl after my own heart! We are kitty lovers as well -- have 4 (sometimes5) who share our home -- our babies that we dearly love-- not counting all the ones who drop by every day outside to eat at the "cat buffet"! Your kitties are beautiful --- I have a cat that looks like your Billy - we call him Yeller Feller. And we had a kitty that looked like your Lily - his name was Homer - we lost him this summer. I have a calico named Bitty KItty ---- this could go on forever - LOL!

    Anyway -- I am following you back - so happy to meet you!

    May I ask -- where in eastern Ontario do you live - we are headed up that way this fall~


  3. These are all such beauties! I would love to visit a cat cafe, but none around my part of Virginia.

  4. In the 70's, I went to a restaurant in Big Sur...gourmet...only 2 seatings per night...and the owner talked to us at length about how he stirs the coffee while brewing. And all the while...there were a couple of cats cruising through and a dog or two...they were quite ahead of their time I guess!!!

  5. I'm trying to picture The Barbarians in a cat cafe. The would tear around stealing all the food from the other cats. Seriously, they would eat until they exploded.

  6. Your "clients" are all so beautiful...and those eyes of Lovely Lola make me wish I had green eyes! Cat Cafes are a wonderful idea and I hope that someone here in North Carolina gets on the band wagon, XOXO

  7. Lovely majesic Lola ,,,,,,, it gives joy to me with your cat pictures