Monday, February 17, 2014

Seeking softer colours and Family Day

It's been a long winter and it's not over yet. It's time to bring out some softer colours 
to feast our eyes on.
I pick yellow.
This little tea-cup was an orphan that I found in a thrift shop.
I can't wait to plant these.

A little burst of Spring

Today is Family Day.
Riley, John and Ozzie
I love family photos and took this opportunity to have one taken with our grandittles Riley and Bradley.
They sure are growing fast. Riley will be off to school this Fall. 

Cooper wanted in on the action, too.
He's a love-bug.
After a scrumpdillyishus breakfast at my son and daughter-in-laws, I was off to cat-sit.
It was a gorgeous sunny day.
Caesar is a sun-worshiper and so he is in his glory
as the sun pours through his windows.
I'll be bidding him and Ace farewell for now. They will be so happy to have their people home to cuddle with. Darling, gorgeous cats. I'll miss you. Then it was off to the country again. Yes, I just finish up with one house and then start with another. You'll see more photos soon.

Hope you had a fun Family Day.

hugs, Deb


  1. Lovely photos ! Pretty yellows . I am soo looking forward to Spring . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. The yarn is such a pretty, soft color. I think a little like spring sunshine....hope you had a nice family day!

  3. Oh my, each picture is so very pretty. I don't know which I love more...the teacup, the soft yellow knit of Ceaser.......such a beautiful family you have Deb!

  4. Riley going to school?!!! Amazing. They grown up so fast. Lovely family shots. I really like your orphan teacup ... such a pretty, happy design and color.

  5. Family day is always wonderful. Love the photos!

  6. Looks like you had a pretty good start to your Family Day! Stay safe on those snowy, country roads.

  7. Sunshine makes me happy--could I have been a cat in another life? I must ask Shirley MacLaine:-D

  8. I like this softer colours, Deb. I've been playing with a few bits of cotton yarn and enjoying the happy shades. Caesar and Ace are fine looking pusses and lucky to have had someone looking after them who adores cats.


  9. Thank you your family pictures and sweet cat.