Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cat Cafes & little bitty Gwyn.

After cat-sitting, the retired-guy and I were off to visit with little Gwyn and my daughter, Jess.
She is 5 months old now so she wanted to show us how she rolls over and laughs out loud when you tickle her. And then she looks at you like this.

and her feet fit right in her mouth now.

 She also had a dream about catching a fish...."It was this big, Nan."
OK - not really. She wanted her mommy. It was another day of teething and little sleep.
I had to give her up. "Drat"

Cat news...

Audrey..."Have you read the latest, folks.? Cat Cafes are now becoming the 'in thing' in Europe.
I guess it is a good idea for people who can't have a cat or just like to relax with a coffee and a cat on their lap. We have some concerns, though for the safety of these cafe-cats. It sure would be easy to escape and run out on to the street, don't you think?
I know if someone made a loud noise I'd be gone in a flash.
Great idea for cat-lovers, though.
Have a look-see."

"So, what do you think?"


  1. Yea, Audrey we've got concerns too. What if,and we're just thinking our loud here,what if the peeps sit on all the chairs? HUH? Sounds like a nightmare.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  2. Hi Deb! Oh, what a little darling! She has grown so fast. My little 4 month old grandson seems to be teething too but I don't get to hold him. I could get jealous here! :) Hope you're doing well and Audry is still a looker.
    Be a sweetie,

  3. Oh what a sweety your Gwyn is . I have my concerns about this cat cafe could be dangerous for the kitties if they were to dart off out the door . The strange things people come up with . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  4. I went to a cat café in one time when we were in Japan. 30 cats
    milling around was interesting!

  5. Gwyn is growing so fast! Love that smile! Audrey stay away from the cafe's!!

  6. Gwyn looks quite serious in that first shot.

    I could be happy in a cafe like that!

  7. Gwyn is such a sweetheart! I know you must love taking care of her and holding her.

    As for Audrey's concerns, I've heard about these cat cafes and I've thought the same thing--what if they run out the door? Maybe the cafes should have look foyers that would provide a safety catch for them.

  8. Montreal is doing it too! I HAVE to go!!

    Gwyn is so adorable, and growing fast!

  9. Little Gwyn is such a doll! I haven't heard of the cat cafes and I would also have a few concerns, but I'm sure those who love cats love the idea!

  10. Oh, oh, oh, your little Gwyn is so very precious, Deb!!! I can see the love! blessings ~ tanna

  11. One recently opened in Paris one block from where my friend lives. Although he'll probably move by the time I get back there, it's nice to know right where to go! (I was so frustrated when I learned about it because we didn't go, but felt a lot better after I found out it opened after our visit!)

  12. Se just gets cuter and cuter......
    You must enjoy your visits a lot♥️
    Might do so e FaceTime with miss V on Saturday....♥️
    Enjoy your day....still waiting for the sun!

  13. Babies change from day to day, it seems. I don't think I learned to stick my feet into my mouth until I was fully half a year old. She's developing fast!

    I too would hope that the cats in those cafes are very used to noises and people, and don't wander off. I couldn't let any of mine do that.

  14. Lots of memories captured in your photos....

  15. That Gwynne is precious!!! Love that expression in that first shot!!!

  16. Gwyn and her grandparents look very happy!