Wednesday, November 18, 2015

little Christmas trees

Will a table tree fit in the mouse-house this Christmas? I'm looking around but it doesn't look promising.
                                                              "Has she gone mad???"
                                                               "What will I destroy?"

Who am I kidding...of course we'll fit a tree in somewhere. It wouldn't be Christmas without one.

I love table trees, always have, after seeing some that my cat-sitting clients had in their homes over the years.
I just loved how festive they looked with their Christmas skirts and the gifts piled under the table. So.darn.cute.

Here's some table-top trees on Pinterest.

Aren't they all gorgeous.

Here is our little table top tree in our older home Christmas 2013.

little Gwynn



They were all real trees &
we love little trees.

This year will be a challenge to decorate 600 sq. ft.
I love a challenge. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb! Oh, Look at little Gwen. Don't they grow up too fast? Your kitty has it's wheels turning as to which ornaments to play with. I love these sweet little table trees and I think that first vintage looking one is my favorite! I hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Who needs a tree when you can look at Audrey!x
    HeHe! Only joking...."No, yer not Willie". :).

    Oh! You must have a tree..Christmas without a tree,
    is 'not' Christmas! And a tree with the best ever.
    When l had three pussy~cats for some years, they all
    used to help...They were great at helping...Did the tree
    ever look nice...HeHe! NO! I'd come down of a morning,
    there was always something on the floor, something amiss! :).
    Bless'em! :).
    And...As we ALL know...A home is not a home without a pussy~
    cat....Is'nt that right Audrey!x Smile!x

  3. Sweet little Gwynn. Mesmerized by those lights. :-) And Audrey, up to something. Lol

  4. All so very pretty ! We have a small table top tree now , I call it my Charlie Brown tree lol ! Our Harley never bothered with any of our big trees in the past and still doesn't all she did with the big trees was lay under them and snooze lol ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. I love them, too! That table cover in the first photo is especially wonderful!

  6. Little Gwynn is so cute!! All the table top trees are so pretty. I like the first one best too. I can't wait so see the mouse house decorated for make everything feel like a sweet little storybook. 600 sq. ft., our house is only twice that size. Your decorated trees are beautiful too! Sweet Audrey!!!

  7. I wonder how many of those homes with table-trees have cats, too...

  8. We've only put up table trees for the last fifteen years or so. We have three! A green one and one made of twigs that we found in a now closed local shop. We also have a small silver one that belonged to my grandmother. It was the only tree she put when she became elderly.

    We usually put the twig tree up in the living room, the green tree in the spare room/home office, and the silver tree goes in my room. But this year, we have a new kitten. She's about six months old now and she is a combination of Houdini and Audrey! Her name is Charlotte but lately we've been calling her Shock and Awe! We may only put up one tree this year. :)


  9. I love table top trees and that's what I've had for the last several years. Charlie loves to sleep under it and so of course I MUST have one!

  10. One wonders what babies make of Christmas trees. The Audrey Glare is always welcome!

  11. Love all the trees
    last year my new adopted cat did pretty good with my tree
    The baby is adorable also LOL

  12. I love all trees, big ones, small ones, as long as they have lights. Adorable baby! When I had cats, they never touched the tree. They were very well behaved cats. ;) The most trouble I ever had was with little fingers when the grandchildren came along. And that was their parents' fault! Oh, well, they're only little once. Have a lovely day, Deb.

    Autumn blessings,

  13. You will make it look lovely and festive,Deb!!
    Enjoy your day...
    Linda :o)

  14. What fabulous photos, Deb! I'm all in the mood! I've been working on my look ahead Christmas posts and haven't done the decorating yet. I may have to send them over here! As for me, I'm all about the tree -- doesn't matter if it's on the floor, the table or outside! I just love them and try to do as many as I can!

  15. I love table top trees too but have never had one, the family insists on a big tree. I especially loved that table top tree with the stags standing in front of it. Now I am in the mood to decorate for Christmas and it isn't even Thanksgiving here, But then I play Christmas music all year 'round.

    I love seeing the pictures of your cat (s) peeking in and around the tree and ornaments.

  16. Your cats--even Audrey-are better behaved than mine. Table-top anything in this house is investigated, prodded, rearranged.

  17. I love table top trees also. I am just not up to big trees anymore. Now that the grand kids are all grown up I enjoy my little tree and my Christmas village.