Sunday, November 29, 2015

Preparing for Christmas

When closing off the lights and locking up the doors last night I looked through a pane of glass at the vibrant moon. There it was surrounded and framed so beautifully by the branches of one of our oldest maple trees. I could see a face in it as I often do and I thought of Kane. It was like he was saying "good-night...sleep tight".
I said "Good-night Kane. Be a good boy."
I think I will always think of him as I look up to the skies.

I can't think of a better way to chase the blues than to be with a little grandittle for the evening.
One that squeals with delight as she runs around and stops to throw a smile your way.
We had dinner, read stories, had a tea-party with Miss Pig, dolly & the mermaid. We rocked in her big rocker and learned more about the tales of Curious George. It was a fun evening filled with hugs and giggles.

Today the frost hangs on to the bare branches of the maples and the cold has settled in.
There are feeders to fill this morning as each day the birds empty them with gusto. And a hawk was spotted just over the pump yesterday so the outdoor chairs are now tenting the spot where Simon feeds each morning. Anything to stop the hawk from finding him. Fingers crossed for the little weirdo.

I'm hanging lights & wreaths around the gate, along the fence and over by the feeders.
It's time to welcome the Christmas season and try to shake off the sadness that follows me around.
We'll miss our boy this Christmas, and every day for a long time, I imagine, and we will raise a glass on Christmas day to his long and love-filled life.

                          Resting after Christmas dinner.

I hope Christmas is showing up in your neighbourhood.
hugs, Deb


  1. Santa and a snowman are on my balcony. I'm almost finished with outside. Thinking about starting inside. I'll have plenty of help. ;) Kane will always be with you ... sleep tight....
    Purrs and Hugs .....

  2. Your granddaughter is so sweet and dainty and I know you had so much fun together. Yes, you will miss sweet Kane but you can be thankful for the many years you shared. This is such a great photo of him on Christmas 2013. Thinking of you. Little by little our neighbors are lighting up for Christmas!

  3. Deb, that moon will get us every time. Sweet thoughts of your dear Kane. I'm ready for some Christmas JOY, it's been a hard fall for many. I agree the Grands really do make it all better!

  4. FfGwynn is getting big! Love the curls♥️
    My son put our lights up today..
    Miss V added some Christmas window clings...
    Will get the tree tomorrow or the next day...
    Love to decorate!
    Enjoy your week ahead...
    Linda :o)

  5. Oh, Deb! My heart just goes out to you upon loosing your beautiful Kane. What a beautiful dog. He knew he was loved and you did too. Hold to those sweet memories. To see the full moon and think of him is a new sweet memory you're making. So glad you had a nice day with your little darling! Sending love,
    Shelia ;)

  6. What a little sweetheart.........and what a great pic. of Kane on the couch. I cried again when I read your comments about missing him on Christmas. --Nebraska ><>

  7. You'll raise your glass to dear dog Kane and remember, with love, the eternal love of Ed and Lily. I'll join you with a tear in my eye...

  8. Such sweet photos and memories!
    Your Gwynn is adorable!
    It's looking a little like Christmas here, too...the tree is up, at least!

  9. Your grandaughter is so gorgeous & beautiful Deb. How wonderful to have them around to brighten your spirits. I think of you every day still & dear Kane ... & just know how lost you will be feeling. My youngest son is called Kane - he is a special boy also .... (even though he is 30 now I must add!!!!) The sadness will pass I promise you but you will feel his loss for a long time to come but like all things ... time will help to heal you all. Sending gentle hugs & thoughts across the oceans & the miles. x x x

  10. I have thought of you often over the last few days. The image of Kane comes to my mind and how very beautiful he was...such a noble and kind face. I know he was so very much in your heart and his loss must be great. Prayers and hugs for this sad time. I love the pictures....we will join you in raising a glass to remember your precious Kane.

  11. This will be my first Christmas without Tungsten. Though she died in March, I still hear little noises that sound just like her. It's always something else but I think of her each time. Our lives diminish when we lose friends. But your family, especially your grandchildren, will brighten your holidays. May those little ones not know loss or sorrow for many a year.

  12. That Christmas photo of Kane's such a good one.

  13. I'm telling you, that child would put a smile on anybody's face. She loves her grandma, I can tell. It breaks my heart every time I think about you and your loss and the sadness. It's good that you have the birds and little Simon to take care of and of course your three sweet cats. You take care.

  14. Your sweet Kane will always be with your hearts and in your memories. It's so terribly hard to lose a sweet innocent furry baby that you love so much. Their lives are so short in the grand scheme of little furbaby was only 7 when he died so unexpectedly and I thought I would die right along with him. 13 years later I'm still kicking....but never forgot him and all the ways he touched my life and my soul. Big hugs to you, Deb.

  15. Amazing how much of our hearts our pets hold. Our senior poodlle & black girly cat died this many times in the days after, I found myself thinking " i have to go to bedroom to love on Zoe" or " time to let Max out for a walk". And time & again, I grieved, again. Grief is the cost we pay for such abiding love. My heart is with you as you go through this. Gail