Monday, November 9, 2015

Little things

This step-back cupboard holds some of the 'little things' that I love.

Sometimes it is a hodge-podge of co-ordinated treasures, sometimes not so much.
Little things passed down to me, gifted from friends or thrifty finds.
This cupboard is my play-house as I change it up constantly.

You knew you'd find Christmas here somewhere, right?
The ceramic trees were my mother's and they were passed down to me.
She displayed them every Christmas on her coffee table surrounded by bowls of Christmas candies.
I've always loved them and they are the first decoration to come out of the box.

Here's another little something (or someone, I should say) that I love.  Even though every.single.time I take her photo she shows me her teeth or yells at me. If she only knew how funny she is. :-b
Once the camera is put away she's more than happy to receive a hug and a pat on the head for her patience.
By the way, she has the loudest purr in the mouse-house. She would want you to know that. ;-)
                              She's mad as a tick here.

For the first time, I heard the call of the downy woodpecker today. It was in amongst the sumacs and maples at the back of our property; probably calling out for others. It may have just found the feeders and suet and wanted to announce the discovery.
I loved it's sound and will now recognize it as they come for visits.

                            (taken at the mouse house last winter)

hugs, Deb


  1. Love all your precious things. I have a pine cupboard that all the things I love sit in.
    Audrey is adorable as always.
    I find when I step outside the first thing I hear are the various birds chattering. My Dad would always stop and listen for the various birds so I guess I am the same.

  2. I wish I had a cupboard like that!
    Love your Moms trees♥️ I can see why they are so precious to you, Deb!
    That finicky!!
    Have a great week...rain tomorrow :o(
    Linda :o)

  3. I love the mouse house! I think it would be the perfect size for just me!!

  4. I love your step back cupboard and how you change it up. It reminds me of my foyer table, which I use for the same thing...little treasures, season celebrating, etc. Isn't it fun? Perfect little spots we have!

  5. The cartoon style drawing of a cat on that one item draws my attention. I do wonder if Audrey has some innate loathing of cameras that most cats don't get.

  6. I simply love all of your treasures, and displaying them inside the step-back cupboard makes them even more sweet.
    Audrey...who couldn't love her quirky personality, she's one special lady in my book :)

  7. That is a wonderful cupboard, Deb, and I love all the pretties you have displayed there. I am partial to hand-thrown pottery and I see that you have some lovely pieces.Your little Christmas trees passed down from your Mom are very sweet. It is those special little things with sentimental value that make a house a home. So funny about your kitty hating the camera. My dog, Whitey Bear does too. As soon as I point it his way, he turns his head and refuses to look at me unless I have a treat! Love seeing the Downy Woodpecker. It's so nice when you can identify the call. I finally identified a call I've been hearing for years - a pygmy owl. I didn't get a photo, though. Hope your week is starting out well. It is very cool and misty here. xo Karen

  8. Lovely treasures . Just think of it as extra special smiles from Audrey lol ! Or one ticked off cat for taking her picture lol ! Oh you have the Downy's to that's awesome they are such cute little woodpeckers , ours here love to talk as they come to the suet's , it is as if they are saying .. here I am !! Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. And one of my favorites in the cupboard is the sheep. Audrey always makes me smile. You've made me want to put up a few white lights on a little tree somewhere...if only this rain would stop for a while. :)

  10. I enjoy seeing the changing treasures in your cupboard. I do wonder how you manage to display breakables without damage from the cats?
    Nothing is safe here on a shelf or open hutch--I sometimes think my 'displays' are all about a live cat curled amongst the books or oddments.

  11. Dibs on the cup with the thatched cottage when tea is served. Lovely!
    I wonder what would Audrey say if she knew she was a star kitty in a blog.

  12. It just warms my heart to peek into your cupboard! Especially with the doors open wide like arms welcoming a big hug. There are few cozier things in the world. We get Northern Flickers that announce their arrival here in fall. Also called the wake up bird. They are one of the few bird sounds I can still hear inside when the house is closed up as my hearing is not what it once was. So cheery!

  13. I enjoyed seeing your treasures! Still laughing over the kitty photo.....that expression!!!!! Lol