Sunday, November 1, 2015

A quiet halloween & a walk

It was a quiet Halloween for us this year.
The children in the area were happy to do their door-to-door trick or treating in the new development. That's where I walk each day and 
I don't blame them.
Our grandittles went out with their parents and cousins close to their own homes.
We will have to be content with pictures of them in costume this year.
They had a blast and went home happily with their loot. :)

Riley was Cinderella.
Bradley was Spider Man
Gwynn was a mermaid. (very cute but no photo, sorry)



It feels like winter is closing in on us even though we are expecting warmer days next week.
Most of the trees stand naked against the blue sky; the air is very crisp.
The birds are packing on some weight as are the squirrels, chipmunks and wild turkeys.
Everyone is welcome here and seem to get along fine.
The adult turkeys are the babies from last spring.
There are only a handful of new ones; the second litter this year.
I love watching them march along like little soldiers.

 They had an audience.

 Come along on my walk...
I snapped pics of a few of the homes.
You knew I would eventually. lol

Here's my favorite one tucked in behind the trees.

It's a craftsman style with a turret.

Such a beautiful place to walk each day and solve the world's problems. :)

I hope you had a fun Halloween.
With Thanksgiving behind us (Canadians), my mind is now on Christmas. 
I just may light up another tree. 


hugs, Deb


  1. All those bare trees... it feels like winter's right around the corner. Audrey must not have been aware of the camera, or you'd get a glare.

  2. That Audrey never misses a thing, does she? :) You're right, those homes are beautiful! Such a pretty place to walk. We had no trick or treaters last night. None!

  3. What a pretty neighborhood for your walks! I enjoy looking at houses...imagining how they look inside...haha...

  4. Cute little grands all dressed for Halloween . . .
    Love the houses . . . makes for a nice place for a walk.

  5. Hi Deb, enjoyed all the pictures! Wow, y'all have so much wildlife there!! Things growing all over and so many creatures!! So neat!

  6. Looking like winter is slowly creeping in here to with all the bare trees but the temps are to raise to 18C for the next day or so here ! Lovely photos , I prefer a small farm house or a log cabin on the larger properties to the big fancy modern houses ,to me they just don't look right in a country setting . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  7. The Halloween Duo is darling, Deb! You live in a beautiful part of the province; enjoy it! Audrey is one sharp kitty!


  8. It's going to be unseasonably warm here for the next few days, too.
    Such a beautiful area you live in with all the trees and wildlife.
    Ear scritches to your felines...and a head pat to Kane =)

  9. The grands look adorable! Wish we could have seen Gwyn. Somehow, a mermaid seems very "her".
    It's lovely that the builders of the new hoes left the trees intact. Where we are, one sees
    rows of monster homes with not a tree left. Very disturbing...and ugly.