Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Kitty TV & wee wonders

My newest bird-feeder.
It is sitting on a 5 ft. pole in view from the dining-area window.
It needs filling once a week.
The others are filled daily.
It is the most active one so far.

"You're welcome, my kitties. " :)

Audrey was first to spot it on this cool, frosty morn.
She watched the chickadees, blue-jays, finch,  nuthatch, crows & doves arrive through the fog.
Then she heard the zoom on the camera and that was that.

The cats rested up this morning for our visitors.

Gwynn & mommy came for lunch.
Let's see...
we had a long walk to see the pretty houses,
(Gwynn enjoyed some time from the stroller)
coloured and played with stickers,
fed the many birds at the front
and back
of the mouse-house,
"Here, Chickadee"
had lunch
finished up the morning with a tractor ride.
"Hang on to your glasses, Gramps."

Then lots of hugs for nana & gramps
(and Annie, too)
before heading home for a well-needed nap.

 'til next time, monkey.

Tomorrow, join me for tea & a recipe.
Enjoy your day.

hugs, Deb


  1. She's such a sweetheart! Love her nose pink from the cold! haha. Sounds like you had a lovely visit!

    Fun new feeder! It's a double tier, too...your cats are going to love watching that all winter!

  2. Oh....gosh, she is cute!
    Enjoys all the same things that Nana does!
    Miss V and I had a great day....
    Aren't we just so lucky!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  3. too sweet!
    love your new feeder too
    thanx for sharing

  4. She is delightful! My 19 year old daughter's middle name is Gwyneth. Whenever I read your blog I think to myself that I need to pick up some birdfeed and stock up my feeders! -Jenn

  5. She is absolutely PRECIOUS! Little Gwyneth.....such a blessing to your family!

  6. Love your new bird feeder . What a little love Gwynn is , wonderful photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. Cool bird feeder! Gwynn is getting big; pretty soon she'll be asking for the car!

  8. She is getting so big! Oh my, they do grow up so fast! Little Rosemary is 7 months old now! I need a bird feeder out my front next outdoor project!!

  9. Gwynn is simply adorable! She is beautiful! Looks like she is left-handed too. I like your new feeder. It must keep you busy trying to fill them all. I will stop in for tea and the recipe. Thank you!