Friday, November 6, 2015

Why, it feels like Florida weather. :)

No scarf or gloves, just a light sweater was needed for today's walk. It was over-cast with bits of sun, very windy but warm as toast.
Gorgeous weather. :)
But, it's the last of these balmy temperatures as tomorrow will be much colder.
I actually went on two walks today just because. :)

I passed by a Bed and Breakfast today only because I took a bit of a different route for my walk that added another ten minutes.
It's nice to know there is one close by if ever needed.

"Good Morning, Simon"
"Whoa...where did you come from?"

I think Simon is starting to know his name now.
And, he's becoming very tame.
He's been out a lot today enjoying the warm weather, too.
The rain was on the way so I gave him a meal before heading in to bake a cake.
French vanilla with chocolate icing.

He was ready to eat.
Enjoy your buffet.

And stay safe, you little weirdo.

hugs, Deb


  1. What fun! I love those cute squirrel shots! And we're having fabulous weather here. Foolishly hoping the snow holds off til Christmas. lol

  2. Simon may be weirdo, but he ain't no dummy! He'll learn his name, if it means getting some grits! Yes, the warm weather has been delightful.

  3. That is a great picture of Simon, like he's turning around, surprised to see you. I am in Ontario and yes, the weather has been amazing!! -Jenn

  4. Oh my I had a giggle here . awesome photos and captions lol ! Your Simon is soo cute and getting very friendly my chippy stays with in running distance lol don't know why I feed him all the time lol ! Oh is Simon going to have cake to ? I bet he would love that lol ! Simon the Weirdo BAH HA ! Oh a bed and breakfast so close wonderful . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend .

  5. We had some pawsome weather earlier this week. But today...the cool stuff returned.

  6. It sounds like a perfect day...
    I truly love this time of the year, I have a November birthday so maybe I feel a kinship to my roots :)
    Simon is quite the character, and not camera shy :)

  7. Can you get peanuts in shells? Put one out a day , each day closer than the one before. Eventually Simon may come to take it from between your fingers. My late dad used to make a specific clicking sound( three sets of 3 clicks each) and you'd see his squirrel buddy come running from the old oak tree.

  8. Hello Deb, the weather has been delightful lately. I love your cute chipmunk. Great post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  9. Hello!:) Lovely cute Chipmonk photos. Is he your pet?

  10. Simon is so sweet - and what a perfect shot you got of him - fantastic! It is warmer here in England too at the moment, but alas, very very wet! x

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  12. QUE LI8NDA!!!

  13. Simon is SO cute! Love his look in the first picture :) The weather has been unusually warm in Germany, too :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Wow, Simon is letting you get very close!