Friday, November 27, 2015

Our little Florence Nightingale

Dear little Annie. She knew Kane was not well but I wish I could explain to her what happened to that hairy old dog that she loved to sleep next to on the dog mat. That snoring old fella that never let her snuggle but would gladly share his bed if she kept her distance.  No touching. Annie would wait until Kane was fast asleep and then she would lay her head on his back and sleep the night away. He was none the wiser.
She's a cat that has had many loses in her short life since we adopted her in 2012. It is always such an intriguing time to watch her as she becomes aware of the failing health of a companion animal and immediately goes in to her Florence Nightingale mode. She is a sensitive and soft-natured cat and loves to comfort the old, the sick or the lonely.
 She was a constant companion to our beloved Siamese cat, Mr. Ed  as he aged and his health was failing. Whenever he was not cuddled up with our white cat, Lily he was being kept warm and safe in the close presence of Annie. When he passed on and his companion Lily became frail with age it was Annie that watched over her as they lay in front of the old wood stove together on the cold winter nights.  Then it was Kane. When she first began to lie close to him it made me feel  nervous; somewhat afraid. Once again, did she know it was getting close to his time? Does she understand death as we know it? She really is an amazing animal but I can see that she misses him. 
The cats had time with Kane after he passed away. I thought it might help them to understand so it was arranged for them to be alone with him for awhile. I hope it did make a difference. 
                                     My little angel of mercy also known as Peach.

I headed out for my walk this morning; the first since we lost Kane. I can't shake this feeling of exhaustion but I know that time will take care of it.
Christmas decor is popping up here and there which only makes the walk more beautiful.
The wind was blowing, the crows cawing and the trees were waving in the breeze. Not a bit of sunshine today but that's ok. I was in a sombre mood and the weather seemed to suit me today. At least it wasn't freezing.
I thought, as I walked, that it was time to put Kane's things away; such as the blanket that lay on the mouse-house floor. I would do that when I returned.

When I walked in I saw this...

"Hi Audrey."

Oh my goodness, that face. Well, I guess I can wait 'til tomorrow.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh this is the sweetest and yet, poignant stories of love....gentle hugs!

  2. Oh dear Deb ~ What a sweet post! What a dear gentle caregiver is Annie, a.k.a. Peach.

    Maybe the blanket of Kane's could stay out for awhile or forever. Audrey was certainly soaking up some comfort from it. :-)

    Love and hugs for you and the Retired Guy. Let the peace of joy and peace of Christmas fill your hearts.


    1. Oh, I like that idea. Maybe it should stay. :) Thank you.

  3. So much love in little Annie. I do think some animals/people are more sensitive to the health of others and she seems to be a caretaker for sure. I remember when Mom's dog Buddy passed away at home and how her Cat Sam would not go near where he died for a long time. Life and Death is a mystery for sure. I know you miss him especially on your walks. Warm Hugs to your Deb.


  4. I can relate only too well to what you're feeling. The last few months of Samson's life, my tuxedo cat, Miss Cleo clung to him. She groomed him. She slept with him. She sat for what seemed like forever and gazed at him. I knew that she sensed he was slowly fading. Even my tabby, Mister, was watchful. I couldn't bury Samson myself so I had to leave him at the pet cemetery. Both cats went through the house looking for Samson night after night. Miss Cleo sleeps in his bed now. She never got in it without him before. I assume she feels comfort there so I've left it. Losing Samson is still fresh and still very painful. I'm so sorry you are going through the same heartache.

  5. Looks like Audrey is missing her boy too! Hugs,

    Joolz xx

  6. I agree. Leave Kane's blanket out there for Audrey.....or whoever needs it.

    Recently read about a nursing home cat who would always be on or under the bed of a patient who was dying even before the caregivers knew it was their time to go. So I think some, like your sweet Annie, have a special sense. from Nebraska.

  7. Sounds like Annie would make a wonderful therapy cat! I too have heard of a cat in a nursing home who would know when a resident didn't have much time left. Wonder if it's a subtle chemical change, like when dogs sense low blood sugar or epileptic episodes. I agree that Audrey should get to keep Kane's blanket. Maybe this was her way of comforting you too. After all, she has some of Annie's genes!

  8. Isn't a shame that pets...animals in general don't
    have a speaking voice....With so much expression
    in their mannerisms a speaking voice would be just
    Still, in there own way they still seem to tell what they
    want or need! :).

    Oh! And, yes, leave the blanket where it is....!

  9. Annie is such a dear sensitive little soul. Yes, I think cats know when another is fading and will try to give comfort and companionship. Their emotions are so much deeper than we will ever know.
    Bless the little caregiver!
    Love Audrey's serious little face.

  10. Animals can sense things like that as were we cant . My old dog many years ago new I was pregnant with my first child before I did and she would protect me and extra snuggle up with me . my mum and dads dog knew my dad was ill before he did and stayed close . They know even cats can sense something isn't right . Lovely photos , I know how you feel for I have lost plenty of wonderful pets over the years . Let it hurt let yourself cry when it hits talk about it and more then anything else remember the good times , time will heal . Hope you have a good weekend !

  11. Dear Deb,
    what a heart-warming post. That's what we all really need at the end of a week full of sadness. Thank you.
    A smile from me to you very nice 5 fellows in Canada.

  12. Maybe it is comforting for Audrey and the other cats to sleep on Kane's blanket -- feeling closer to him, like we may hold onto an old shirt of a loved one or a toy. I know I slept with Gypsy's blanket for a very long time and carried his mouse in my pocket until I could get used to the idea of them being gone. I'd say leave it there for awhile (or move to a spot that might be less a reminder to you) and let the cats have their time to grieve and hold on, too. So hard. I remember Gyppy grieving Stimpy's death, overgrooming till his tummy was like peach fuzz. They are so feeling, aren't they?

  13. Lovely, hear felt post. Annie/Peach is very special. Perhaps Audrey has a new blanket????!!!!

  14. Oh my, your words and thoughts on Annie and her care and compassion toward your older animals were so touching and profound to read. Our four-legged companions are such amazing creatures.

    It sounds like you and your kitties are going through a perfectly normal grieving process, so please feel no shame in that. In time, thoughts of your Kane will bring nothing but a smile to your face. As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  15. Oh my, you have touched my heart again. Sweet caring Peach. She seem a lot like you. That last picture of Audrey snuggled in Kane's blanket is, I don't even have the words...just precious.

  16. Oh that Annie....what a sweet little nurse she is! Aren't you lucky to have so many furbabies to comfort you? xo

  17. Yes i would leave the blanket and let it be a comfort to them. Yes i think peach knew....they know and sense so much more than we understand.

  18. OH....I loved this post♥️
    Such sweet souls your pets are, Deb...
    I either laugh or tear up when I visit here...
    Both are good things...
    Keep the blanket...
    Linda :o)

  19. Little Peach is a intuitive , sensitive little one, isn't she.
    It reminds me of the verse "as you sew, so shall you reap" with a little twist on the interpretation. In Annie's time of trial, you gave her food, comfort, a warm safe place and love she'd never known before. Is it any
    Wonder that these gifts were, in turn, her gifts offered to those in need? Your other animals reaped the
    kindness shown to Annie by you. It made the the special soul that she is. Her eyes gave me the clue she might be an extraordinary little being from the moment I saw her.

  20. I just caught up on your blog, and realized that you lost your lovely Kane. I am so, so sorry. I sit in tears reading it and seeing his beautiful face. My Roy has started with heart problems, and just this week, trouble navigating his back legs. He is supposedly 11, but we got him as a grown dog, so who really knows. I suspect he is older. My heart breaks for you. I have lost a few dogs in my life, and it never gets easier.....but then I always feel that is worth the pain of loss, for all the love they give you. And I know Kane gave you boatloads of love.

  21. She really must have a truly sweet heart. It's funny how some animals shy away from any that are sick and some get closer to give comfort. I hope you all find the pain of your loss gets easier to bear very soon.

  22. Annie is a very sweet cat and an excellent nurse!

  23. I think animals understand death, probably instinctively. They know when it is approaching, though I wonder sometimes if they understand aging. They know when there is sickness and they do what they can for their friends. It's probably as much or more than any doctor could do under the same circumstances.