Thursday, November 5, 2015

Simon's house

This is the front entrance to Simon's house.
He comes out every morning to sun on top of the old pump base or on top of the jar light.
Sometimes I see him sleeping on the bench.

As each day passes, I have come to the realization that Simon is on his own now.
Once there were three who were born under the pump.
It wasn't long after that mom split to follow her dreams and the three were on their own.
I kept them fed all spring, summer and fall and enjoyed watching them play on the grass.

Then, there were two.
Now, I only see Simon.
Simon's siblings may have decided to join the unwanted chips in the garage of our next door neighbour. She was recently complaining of chipmunks taking up residence in her wood pile.
I guess it's very cozy in there but I fear they might be thrown out without notice.
I told Simon not to 'size down' yet. ;-)
But, if he is to be a loner he has a cozy little den and he has certainly plumped up over the fall.

No, I won't be knitting him a sweater.
I still have a heck of a time with button holes.

hugs, Deb


  1. So sweet to have this little friend - he looks very happy! xx Karen

  2. I just love chippies! Simon is adorable...I'd start figuring out those buttonholes!

  3. He's just so cute. I hope he's not lonely without his family.

  4. He's such a sweet little fellow !
    You feed him well....

  5. LOL ! I have been out side every day this week as it has been so wonderful taking photos and some of our Chippy who lives under my back garden near the bird feeders . I cant believe the temps it got up to 21C felt like 25C it was actually humid here WOW ! . Cute post . Could you imagine him in a sweater bah ha! funny ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Love him! He knows that you love cute!
    Enjoying the weather???
    Kinda clouding up here right now...looks like the darn rain will move in!!
    Boyfriend home tonight...just in time for the rain :o(
    Cottage tomorrow!! Rain or shine...
    Enjoy your evening Deb...
    Linda :o)

  7. This is so sweet! Now it wouldn't surprise me to see him in a cute little handmade sweater. I'm with you when it comes to "kindness". Kindness is most important to me too. I did go over to Knatolee's blog. They are truly such kind you.

  8. what a cute little creature he is!!!

  9. Deb, keep telling yourself you won't be knitting a chipmunk sweater. How is "our" dear fella Kane doing with the weather changes? Gail

  10. I love these little creatures!

  11. Simon in a sweater --I would love to see that.
    Perhaps a scarf instead?

  12. Life is tough for the wild ones. I hope his siblings are all right.

  13. ha ha ha, he knows he's on a good thing here, food laid out like royalty, it'd be silly to leave, maybe the others found mates? well, hopefully Simon will keep his mate here for you to enjoy his progeny, one can only hope :))
    thanx for sharing

  14. Darling little one. I know you'll give him the best of care over the winter. Oh, and are we sure that HE is really a he?

  15. How lucky is Simon to have you? He may decide he knows what is good for him and stay. Love his house. x