Thursday, February 13, 2020

Snowy days

We have snow and lots of it. But the days are mild this week and sometimes you can ditch the wool scarf and grab a pretty spring one covered in birds to head out for a walk.

Last weekend, our grand-dog, Forrest, came with his overnight bag which held his bowl, food and his chewie. :-) He  spent much of his time running amuck in the wood-lot. And look at that snow. Agh!

 He loves it there and at this time of year I don't have to worry
about the critters.  And in the summer he stays on lead.
He's a bit of a goof-ball.

January was a month of very little snow but I expect February will make up for it.
We Canadians never get much of a break from winter. That's why we are a tough lot.

Wilson is a sun-worshiper and no matter where it appears in the house he will find it.

The fire is roaring and these two 
are snuggling the day away

Cora was scheduled for a spay on the 11th and just six days before she went into H.E.A.T.

This darling face kept us up for four nights while she wandered around screaming like an injured seal. Even Wilson was sleep-deprived by the end of it. The retired-guy slept with ear plugs in. I was a zombie by the end of it. But I still love her.

And now she is back to her old self and peace is restored.
Little being=big voice. It's so good to hear her mouse-like squeaks again. :-)

Hope all is well with everyone.

be kind, 


  1. Ah, poor Cora! I'm glad she is better now. I love that picture of Wilson's arm around her as they sleep cuddled up. Forrest sure looks like he is having fun in the wood lot! Your new home is beautiful! I love that pretty spring scarf too! I hope you and your family are all well!

  2. Nothing quite equals the voice of an otherwise quiet feline in heat! It is surprising how young they can be when that occurs. Hopefully Cora has had her appointment with the vet and all is now serene.
    Snow is so pretty--here we are having endless rain. Sigh.

  3. That Cora does have the cutest face. She reminds me of someone in our family. I just can't figure out who. :) Wilson and Cora look like they have always been together. They're so sweet. I love the picture of Forrest with the snow on his face. Bet he looks forward to staying with you and the Retired Guy. We never did get a bad storm today, just lots more rain.

  4. I say get her while she's not in heat and get to the vet soon! That had to be grim. But she's so pretty, how could you not adore that face! Love Wilson in the sun,too. Yes, you are a sturdy and tough lot and a good thing, too. I'm wimpy -- we have lots of snow and probably not so much as you. I'm ready to bid it farewell!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day dear Deb. Oh so much snow and we still haven't seem a single flake this winter! Quite rainy but much too warm for Feb.

    New house is looking smart - and kitties happy. Perfect scarf for bird feeding - suits you!
    Mary x

  6. I loved this post and your pictures! 💖

  7. Forrest must simply adore visiting with you! Ah, Cora!
    Isn't petting a cat with sun-warmed fur one of the bestest things EVER?

  8. Wonderful post and photos:) Lovely seeing photos of heavy snow but not sure if I'm as tough as you these days Deb having living in Oz for 29 years this month:) Love your blog as I'm a huge cat person♥ Linda

  9. Lovely photos! You do have lots of snow. We also got plenty of snow here in North Dakota. We like cats and we have two of them. How do you control cat hair in furniture and clothing? I love our black wool coats but it's always full of cat hair and the same story for all furniture. :( You have beautiful cats!!

  10. super shots of life over at yours. Helen, Darcy, Bingley and Fred xxxx