Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Staying safe and waiting on spring.

We are in trying times, aren't we.
I hope everyone is well and taking all precautions to stay that way.

We are home a lot these days and thanks to this momma-to-be fox I have some unexpected  entertainment.

She has made a den just outside my kitchen window under my neighbour's shed.
This is the second spring this has happened and she could be the same fox that raised four cubs here last year.

off to the woods for lunch.

And another visitor this morning...
sorry for the quality but she was a distance away.
I did go out and stood under the tree which was enough to
send her on her way.
I can't bear to watch her take one of our little birds that we feed daily.
A beautiful sharp-shinned hawk.

Cora was spayed recently and she is now back to her regular silly self.

She hated her collar so much so we tried a onesie on her.
As you can see she loved it. :-)

Wilson thinks she's lost her marbles.

She's still wearing it 'til Tuesday when the stitches come out.
She'll wonder where it went, I imagine.

We have many birds here at Fox Grove.
Our chickadees are still a favorite.

This week the white-winged black bird returned and we have robins hopping around looking for worms today. Spring is here even though we have a few days to wait for it on the calendar.
I think we had one of the easiest winters to get through in years. Mild and little snow.
But, we still have some.

I hope everyone can find ways to stay busy while we wait out this virus.
It's our chance to read more, finish projects, learn something new and enjoy nature.
I am keeping a journal of the wildlife here and looking forward to what spring might bring our way. I'm hoping to have blue birds arrive and nest in one of our houses. And I will welcome back the house wrens and swallows again.

Be safe, be well and remember that this too shall pass.
hugs, Deb


  1. Cora, we love seeing you with your onesie on. So much better than that cone. At least you have some great entertainment during this time. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  2. What a fabulous idea; keeping track of the wildlife!
    Cora is a little doll, especially when she's being so stylish.

  3. How wonderful to hear from you. Your posts always are heart warming.
    On top of the virus there was an earthquake in my area. I live about 50 miles from the epicenter but had shaking. It took a couple of hours before the birds returned to my feeders.
    Stay well,
    Park City, UT

  4. Your birdlife pics are just stunning Deb. I think Cora looks so gorgeous in her onesie. When Miss Pip was spayed she hated her collar so much that I made her a onesie out of a sleeve from a jersey. I might add that I made this one night at midnight!! By morning it was gone & found way over the back underneath a cabinet & Miss Pip was looking none the worse for wear!! Take care Deb - yes these are worrying times we are all living through xx

  5. WOW! To have a fox den so close!
    She is pretty though.
    I have a birdfeeder close to a large rhododendron and the chickadees hang out there . Cora is such a sweetie!!
    Nancy and the kitties

  6. How wonderful to hear from you! That is a beautiful fox! It will be fun to have fox cubs around again. I'm glad Cora likes her onesie. I'm sure it feels much better than the collar. She looks very good in red!

    I hope you are all doing well. This virus has sure changed our lives for the moment. I stay busy with hobbies and such plus I finally started a blog last January. The internet is really a life saver now as it gives a safe option for visiting with friends and blogging is a wonderful way to communicate. Stay well Deb!

  7. I popped into town 8.30 this morning..
    Went to my usual cafe..Costa..all the
    tables and seating were gone from the
    front..serving only take~away coffee..!
    Popped into M&S on the way home..their
    cafe was closed..Oh! Well..back home to
    make my own..!

    Cora made me laugh in her onesie..Bless!x
    I think Wilson looks a bit jealous..
    HeHe! "Why can't l have one Mum"...!x

    Nice seeing Mrs Fox..Lovely..And, a nice
    photo of the hawk..elegant bird..very
    elegant! :).

  8. Well wishes to your family. Gail

  9. Oh my goodness! I need that picture of Cora in the little red onesie to hang on the wall. She is adorable! Something just told me to check the computer this morning and there you were. :) Your posts are always special and wonderful. How sweet to have that pretty fox so close. She knows the best place to be, to have her babies. Yes, these are trying times! It's downright depressing. Thank goodness for living in the country and having these sensible animals living around us. Poppy is always saying, "only the birds and animals are doing what they are supposed to be doing". So good to hear from you. Take care and stay safe.

  10. It was milder here, too, and our snow is gone. But no blooms yet -- that will be awhile. I love your wildlife, especially your fox. I also how Mr. Hawk doesn't go for Ms. Chickadee or any of the others. Or Cora, for that matter! What a cute little button. I love her onesie!So glad you have this dynamic duo!

  11. Hi Deb! It's snowing like crazy here. Argh!
    Cora is so cute! I'm glad she'll be onesie free soon.

  12. Always something exciting at your place! Such a lovely place you have to wait out the storm. Keep cozy!

  13. Oh Cora, don't you look absolutely adorable in your red onesie. Your Mamma Fox is such a delight. We use to see foxes but with all the coyotes they have relocated. We started self isolation 2 weeks ago & being introverts by nature, it is not a hardship (yet). I am focusing that the season is Spring, the very nature of renewal & hope. =^..^=

  14. Wow, a fox in your yard! Yikes! The onesie is a great idea! Your cat looks much happier without that big cone.

  15. She is just TOO cute in that onesie, you must get such a kick out of her with her crazy antics!!! Such a pretty kitty she is!

  16. Hi Deb, I haven't been by in a long long time...just stopping in to say howdy and see how y'all are doing. I don't know Cora she yours, she is adorable!! Little sweetheart. The mommy fox is pretty. Spring has "sprung" here in Charleston, and I hope it finds you soon as well! Stay healthy and stay well, be safe.

  17. oh this fox! So pretty wild friend <3
    And your cat in baby cloth looks so charming! I've recently sew something similar for my cat after removing skin lesion :D But he didn't like it. But it was the only way to let him heal quickly :)

    Yeah, we need to wait until it pass. Everything will be ok, we just need to slow down for a while :) Stay safe :)