Sunday, March 29, 2020

Poppin' in to say "hi"

"Hello" from our home to yours.
I know you're there. lol

We have been keeping busy, the retired-guy in the garage cleaning up and I'm just keeping the home-fires burning and spending as much time outside as I can. Cleaning up the wood-lot has been a good therapy for the soul. I could spend another day just picking up sticks and branches that fell over the long winter.
And I am checking all the bird houses to be sure they are ready and safe for our spring birds arriving. I have hung a cage of cat hair from my cats grooming sessions. Their hair is free of all products including flea treatment and they are indoor cats.

We have had red-winged blackbirds here for a quick lunch and also the white-winged blackbird popped by one day. Many robins are staying and looking for worms on the brown grass that now peeks through the snow. Yes, we still have snow. Today the sun will get rid of much of it. Chippies are out and about.

House wren nest found in the woodlot.
There is a carpet of moss covering many stones along the old stone wall. 
It's beautiful and a comfort to see such vibrant green.

We have not seen our fox for days now. She has either moved on or is only coming out of her den at night. It's hard to know.
The snow is almost gone so tracks are not visible anymore.
I place food not far from the den in case she is with her kits. It is eaten every night but that could be raccoons, too.
Time to put a camera out.

Here is my home-made bird suet for Cheryl...

1 cup organic peanut butter
1 cup lard
2 cups corn meal
1/4 cup flour
1 cup rolled oats
Enough seed mix to make thick
Pieces of apple or cranberries.

Melt lard and add peanut butter.
Add rest of ingredients
Line cookie sheet with parchment paper
Pop in freezer
Break off pieces for your suet cage.

I hope everyone is keeping busy in their homes. I'll bet their is a lot of baking going on. :-) I've had to stop for awhile or I'll be the size of a bus soon. 

I have books galore to keep me occupied and four cats to pamper.

Take care everyone. I'll be by for a visit. xo


  1. Your woodlot is lovely! Watching birds is an effective stress reliever. A few days ago I was walking by a construction site (the construction people are still working here) and I paused for just a moment because I heard singing. I found a red-throated house finch sitting in the tree above me singing. I think it was the most beautiful thing I've heard in some time.
    Glad you have plenty of felines, books and baking to keep you occupied!

  2. Ah! Bless! My heart skipped a beat..
    Oh! Look! Look! There's Simon...!x
    Getting carried away again..some
    people say, the further the better! :)
    I've still got lots of photos of Simon..!

    The suns been out over here for the passed
    few days..British Summer Time has begun...
    The clocks went on an hour..Summer time..
    What happened to spring..did l miss it..! :(.

    Still..managed to get out and trim the Virginia
    Creeper..tidied it up a bit..little buds started
    to come through..I love my Virginia Creeper..! :).

  3. Hi Deb! Love the pictures... especially the cat in the basket in your kitchen. Makes me miss our Julie who had her own spot on the kitchen counter. Do stay home and stay safe!

  4. I love the kitchen in your new house! The cabinets are perfect. I hope everyone is well there. I don't know what we would do without our two sweet cats right now. They are so much company and give much love. It's great to see your wood lot again. Take care and stay well!

  5. Love all the different birds you have but what is the purpose of the cat hair? Is it for birds to nest in or take to build a nest or something else I can't guess at?

    1. Hopefully they will use the hair to soften their nest.

  6. I'm so grateful to have Lizzie in these times! She's getting good brushings as it's time to lose her winter coat so thanks for the excellent idea of filling one of the suets with her fur for nests! I hope I have enough seed to get through the quarantine. I need to order cat food online; may get a big bad of seed at the same time.

    I'm glad you are both well and hopefully staying that way. It's good to see and hear from you. These days I worry more about bloggers when I don't see a post for awhile.

    And that's your new kitchen? I love it! A long time coming but so worth it. Stay well.

  7. Aw, I love the cats and especially the baby. I'm going to make muffins today.

  8. Our moss is bright green also, and there is a ton of it in our yard. Lichen on the trees has been fun to look at too; the rain darkened the bark, so the bright greens and blue greens really stand out.

  9. It's lovely to see spring bringing Nature back to life. We have had sunny days - a blessing when life is quite strange. We are enjoying the peace, though - no planes or helicopters flying and very little traffic noise.

  10. Lots to do in spring to keep us busy around the house, Deb! I seem to pick up new sticks every day....the rain and winds have been awful this week, so I see more out there again, sigh. I have enough for a gigantic bonfire already! Snow is finally gone except for the piles left by my plow guy, and the creeks are running like mad. I love the sound!

  11. I haven't seen munks yet. I have seen a skunk about.

  12. I understand about picking up sticks. Just today I picked up five wheelbarrow loads of sticks and tree limbs. We had storms come through Monday morning. The wind was awful. I do hope your little fox is okay. Your patch of moss is pretty. Don't you just love seeing a little green after a long winter. You have the perfect place for all the birds and animals to gather. No wonder you have so many mouths to feed. I'm sure they all love you. Bet I don't miss another of your posts. :)