Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello February.

February. I sit shaking my head at the fact that we are there already. I hesitate to say we have had very little winter weather in Ontario because we do still have two months to go but this has been the mildest
one that I ever remember. It's been fabulous. :))

These two squirrels were born in one of our old maples. There are four of them and they have stayed together after their mom went off to make a better life for herself. ;-)
Early every morning you can see all four of them come out of the hole in the tree trunk where they play on the branches before heading to the feeders. They really are a little family.

Little Gwynn and her mommy came by for a visit. We had lots of fun. This child is so adorable. *love*

First things first. Nana's bracelet box.

Chatting with Annie who isn't quite sure about this yet.
I heard her ask "Have you had some blueberry cake, Annie?"

Audrey's ready to run.
She's thinking..."she's trying to kill us with Deb's baking."

A bowl of grapes down. Now more cake.

Time to get out and work off that snack.

We were shoveling near the old pump on this warm spring-like day, and look who popped out to say "Howdy". I was thrilled to see Simon again as the last time was Christmas eve. I really have missed the little weirdo. He looked healthy although a lot thinner and was quite hungry. We gave him some lunch and then he scooted back under the old pump to continue his long winter nap.

                    "Spring is right around the corner, Simon.
                                 I loved seeing you again.
                                        Have a good nap."

hugs, Deb


  1. Very glad to see little simon!! Hes still there...just been taking a long winters nap!bet he was sure glad for the food!

  2. Simon's got to get back to his sleep. I'm sure his winter larder is well stocked, but he must have felt like having a look about outside.

  3. How nice to see Simon! Gwynn is growing so fast. Such a cutie.
    Hugs and purrs.

  4. I love that you got to see Simon! I also love that you called his a little weirdo! Made me laugh, Deb. Priceless.

    Your little Gwynn is so beautiful. But all your Grands are! So sweet she was wanting to know if Annie had her cake, too!


  5. Lovely post and photos . Oh my Gwynn is growing like a weed ! Such a cutie pie . Oh Audrey relax all is good lol ! I haven't seen any sign of our Chippy at all even though it has been so mild and sunny I guess he likes to sleep to much lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. She is an adorable little one! Aw.
    Nice to know Simon is ok...he must have heard voices!

  7. HI Deb....
    Look at Gwynn gobble up Nana's cake! Love her she getting excited about the new baby brother or sister?
    We have NO snow...whatsoever....Simon is a weirdo! Stay in your hole!
    Enjoy your week,Deb...
    Linda :o)

    1. She sure is, Linda. She has a little penguin that she wants to give him when he is born. She carries it with her everywhere. It will be interesting to see if he ever gets it. lol

  8. Great pictures. As always, I so enjoy reading your blog. So glad the squirrel feeder is getting regular customers.

  9. Ah, I just love the pics of little Gwynn. So cute with the bracelet box. Can't you just imagine what's going through that little girl mind! And of course Annie. Does Gwynn leave the cats in peace? Most little ones can't seem to resist our cat. Poor Tuppence. LOL

    1. She's very good with them, Judy. But still they keep their distance.

  10. Simon is so cute! But that little Gwynn is adorable! Simply adorable!

  11. Oh, such a precious little one - and such cute and sweet photos today, Deb! Little Gwynn must think it is heaven there with all the little critters, goodies, and Nana's jewelry box! Sweet about the little squirrel family and Simon coming out to say hello. I just love that photo of Annie being offered the blueberry cake.....too funny! xx K

  12. What wonderful granddaughter pictures. I remember going through my mom's and grandmother's jewelry boxes! That's so cute that you had a visit with Simon. Is he your unofficial groundhog, today? -Jenn

  13. Simon! What wonderful news! And a photo too! You'll have him fat and sassy in no time, we're sure.
    The little squirrel siblings will be so much fun to watch grow. Something tells me there will be a bumper crop
    of wildlife in your yard this summer.
    Little Gwynn is all girl, isn't she. Quite the little hostess already, offering Audrey cake. Her tea parties will be beyond delightful!

  14. I'm loving this winter too! And three cheers for Simon and company!