Saturday, February 20, 2016

Purple pleasure & butterflies

My African Violets are doing well at the mouse-house.
One is in full purple bloom right now.

Just having that little bit of colour during this grey time of year is nice.
Well, I should say 'white time of year' as we are still digging out.

This is a photo I took at our previous home of Annie in the dining-room.

That cat is my shadow and loves to know where I am at all times.

The violets sit high on top of a shelf now in the teeny-weeny dining-corner in the mouse-house.
These flowers are quickly becoming a favorite of mine as they bloom throughout the year and seem to be at their best just when you need them. Kind of like my Annie. ;-)

Gwynn is getting lunch ready for her baby here.
He was dragged around quite a bit yesterday while I cared for her in the morning.
He was fed, burped and then put to bed before she could even think of having lunch herself.

I'm a little on edge these days as real baby is due this week. I feel like I'm housing butterflies.

Life is about to change very soon at Gwynn's house. :)

Enjoy your day,


  1. Oh, Deb, how exciting to have a new grandbaby on the way! Annie is so cute peeking through the violets! Have fun with Gwynn and have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Your African violet is beautiful! Mine is not blooming, but looks healthy so I can only hope I will see flowers soon. What a cute picture of Annie. She looks as if she is in a jungle.

    Congrats on the new grandbaby! Babies are always wonderful.

  3. Looks like Gwynn is practicing so that she is ready for the new sibling! Annie is no fool. She knows who saved her and her littles. :) Love the violets.
    Hugs and purrs.

  4. What an amazing wide-angled photo of the African Violets and Annie peeking through. African Violets are native to my two heart-countries - Tanzania and Kenya. How exciting to have a new grandbaby. Deb. Enjoy the rest of your day. Jo

  5. I have butterflies waiting to hear :-)

  6. Sounds like you have quite a week or two in store -- and a most adorable companion!

  7. Your African violets are doing splendidly! Glad the little shelf has worked out. Annie's photo is so amazing. You really have an eye for beauty.
    I can't believe the time for the blessed event is here already. Do you just jump out of your skin every time the phone rings?

  8. I like how you've framed Annie in that pic. Hopefully the delivery runs smoothly.

  9. Lovely photos ! It is 13C here today and the sun has been shining and not a cloud in the sky now snow left on the ground here either . It is nice to have blooms indoors in the winter time isn't it ?! mine are all in bloom to. Oh a new baby how exciting . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day .

  10. Oh I *LOVE* the photo of the violet blossoms framing the kitty's face!!! I can only seem to raise things like succulents. Everyone says I have a green thumb, but I only do when it comes to plants that thrive on neglect. :-)

  11. I do love that photo of Annie!! A new baby is always so exciting. I can't believe my grands will be 1 and 5 in April! hugs,

  12. So exciting waiting for the birth of a baby!!!! My African violet hasn't bloomed in my new house. It's happy and healthy....but no flowers. :(

  13. Your violets sure are beautiful!

    I can't imagine the anticipation of a grandbaby! Maybe it will be a few days early so the butterflies can leave! :)

  14. Looking forward to your happy announcement of the new little person come to join your family!

    "Babies are such a nice way to start people." ~Don Herrold

    Love and prayers of Blessings,

  15. What a great pic of Annie! Gwen looks lovely fixing her toy salad greens - how cute is that idea for playtime!

    Hope all goes well with the arrival of new baby. Sending love to everyone.
    Mary x