Monday, February 22, 2016

Around the mouse-house today.

Today, we started growing strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries inside the mouse-house. TOTALGREEN has growing kits that can be started inside between February & June. There are plenty of steps to go through before they are ready to be planted outside but it may be well worth the effort.
I have never started fruit bushes from seed so this will be a big surprise if they grow.
TOTALGREEN is a seed company from Holland.

The sun is pouring into the mouse-house today. And, it's warming up.
"Welcome to the land where you can get sun-burn and frost-bite in the same week."

I still have the pretty card mailed to me from Linda at Woke Up,  Got out of Bed, sitting out to admire. It's such a rarity these days to have someone take the time to send you a card, let alone make it herself like Linda did, that it remains very special.

Veeeery early this morning,"thank you, Audrey", I spotted a blue-jay, mourning doves, a downy woodpecker and a grey squirrel all feasting at the same feeder.
For once, the blue-jay seemed to be waiting his turn.
Normally, they just bully their way in and everything else becomes air-bound.
This was taken at 6 a.m. while gobble-guts enjoyed her first meal of the day.
She is now snoring under a blanket.
And...she believes no-one can find her.
Ahhh...the life of a spoiled cat.

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hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, I just caught up with your last few posts. I knew something had been missing from my life! Annie is adorable and I love the pic of her looking through the African Violet at you. Let me try to guess who is asleep under the blanket in today's post. Hope your fruit plants do good, You sure have a bright sunny place to start them.

  2. I always smile at every visit to Deb's! Hi Audrey! You are SO beautiful!!!

  3. I can see that Audrey is totally on board with growing berries! :-))

  4. I think we must be a day ahead of you more or less, for yesterday was our glorious sunny day and warm, too. More snow this week.

    LOVE that Audrey tail!

  5. Great shot of Annie!

    Audrey knows the value of a good burrowing under blankets!

  6. I'm going to start searching for the berry kits! We lost our old lilac tree/bush in the storm that hit Friday and that's the perfect spot for a garden. I'll replant the lilac from shoots in another area. Audrey and our Angel has a lot in common...singing before the alarm clock rings!

  7. I love your photos and the kitties make me smile.

  8. What a life Audrey has, Deb!! She's was lucky, sweet cat for sure.
    I hope your growing the fruit bushes from seed works out. I look forward to your progress.

  9. That's a wonderful picture of Annie. And writing of berries just makes me long for the spring even more.

  10. Hope you have a bumper crop with your berries. Your kitties make me smile, Deb! My son's adopted kitty gets to be set free from his cage this week after having hip surgery. He will think he won the cat lottery. Thanks for sharing today.


  11. Oh growing the berry bushes inside sounds fun , I hope they grow well I look forward to seeing them later on as they progress . Funny cause I call Miggs gobble guts lol ! Lovely photos . Don't you just love the sun shining indoors ? I do , we had a mostly over cast day here today but the sun did come out late afternoon and till it set it was lovely . You still have quite a bit of snow , we have none all though after the storm on it's way and they don't know where it will snow or rain who knows what we will get hope it is rain . Your Violets look like young plants mine are old lol and I need to trim back some leaves as they are hanging over the pots a lot lol . Audrey you crack me up ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  12. HI Deb.....
    Good luck with the berries....
    I think I will make you another card when I get home!
    You are the best card getter ever! :o)
    Linda :o)

    1. Well, I've been called a lot of things but never that.

  13. What a gorgeous picture of Annie!
    I hope your berry bushes do well. I've never tried that but it sure would be wonderful to have them growing just outside the back door, wouldn't it?

  14. Oh, that Audrey - she's such a little squish! I have two little furbabies that love to wake me up before the sun. Sometimes I tell them to go back to bed and they listen....most times I just have to get up and start catering to their every whim. Welcome to the story of my life! I'll be interested to find out how the seed starting works for the berries. Keep us posted! Great photos, Deb - gorgeous.

  15. I love blueberry bushes, but won't it take an awful long time to grow them from seed? I've never tried it from seed, just bought young nursery shrubs.

  16. Such gorgeous sunshine streaming through your windows! Good luck with the berries - I see lots of pies and cobblers in your future! Sweet photos of the fur-babies. xx Karen