Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"Hunker down" says the weather man.

There are some mornings that I am happy to stay home and tidy up the mouse-house. This is one of those frosty, icy and cold ones.
The side window was a thing of beauty at 7am and caught my attention as Audrey did her figure eight around the kitchen floor yelling her profanities. "Hang on, Audrey....just one picture. ;-) Oh boy, she was livid. lol

Standing at the teeny-weeny kitchen's window I watched as the birds struggled at the feeders and the crows actually slipped on the ice-covered snow getting to any food that had fallen overnight.
Our Pileated Woodpecker friend arrived and finished off a suet cake in minutes.

I knew this weather was coming and had prepared the feeders late yesterday. They are packed full of a variety of seeds and nuts for our poor feathered friends.
 I expect Simon will stay in today and eat from his well-stocked pantry.

(Beatrix Potter  images)

I watched Simon yesterday gorge on seeds, apples and nuts; even some multi-grain crusts, so I know he is good for awhile.

The kitties are now content after their breakfast and will play like kittens for awhile.
Annie showing off her peachiness.

On this dark, dismal day it's a good time to hunker-down

and play
in the mouse-house.

hugs, Deb


  1. And, you have two beautiful girls to play with ... and maybe a cuddle from Annie! Purrs and hugs ... stay warm.

  2. Those first two pictures made me cold! Your post are always sweet and fun to read. No wonder you call Annie Peach. Hope little Simon stays inside today.

  3. We got hit with the rains last night and even had thunder roll through but it is just windy and cloudy now here with the odd rainfall here and there the temp is 10C like a spring day it is here quite pleasant I have a window or two open to let some fresh air in . Miggs and I just came back form our walk and I saw and heard two Robins down by our now swollen thawed river. Lovely photos . Hope the weather doesn't get to nasty up there for you guys , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. It is a dark, grey, rainy day here. A good one to stay in and play but I do have to take my Mom to a Dr's appt. Then back home to sweet Charlie. He has been in snuggle mode for awhile now. Some days are better then others for him but he isn't ready to go just yet. Thank you for all you advice and friendship over the years. I just wanted to say that.

    1. You are so welcome, Linda. I'm keeping Charlie close to my heart and pray he has lots of time left with you. He certainly has been a loved cat. I know it's hard when they age to know what to do sometimes a d a good vet is a treasure at this time. Just enjoy his golden years. Sending hugs.

  5. It's definitely a stay-in kind of day. Snow and freezing rain make for a bad mix.

  6. I would rather walk through a snow storm than an ice storm. Can't believe the birds were slipping!
    Stay home and get cozy.
    Love that little peach blur of Annie playing =)

  7. Its warm here and 70 but we have rain coming i think

  8. It's miserable here today, rain and high winds and just blustery. I wish I could have stayed home by my fire with a cup of tea and a book!

  9. You all look cozy there Deb - lovely that you prepared to the birds ahead of the ice - they do have a hard time in this weather.

    Stay safe and warm - Mary x

  10. Beautiful Peachy Annie! I had no idea her tummy had so much peach! Lovely.

    I bet Simon has quite a stash of seeds and other goodies in his pantry! I am happy for the little guy!

    You guys stay warm and comfy.


  11. Aw...Annie! We need to see more of that pretty belly!

  12. We hardly even got any rain or anything!
    Sunny and 15 is cold!