Tuesday, February 16, 2016

When it's -25C outside...


What you do when it's -25C outside.

1. Play with your in-door cats.
2. Prepare more home-made suet for 100 - 200 freezing cold birds that come-a-callin'.
3. Hang another feeder so they'll stop fighting at the other seven feeders.

Pretty cute, huh!

Of course, the Chickadees found it first.

4. Change up the kitchen shelf (again)
I really do. haha!

One lonely crow

5. Appreciate the bright sun-shine that finally floods the mouse-house.



Get together with family for a Family Day dinner.

Blonde, brunette & a red-head, lol

I hope you had a fun Family Day.
This morning we have storm warnings as the snow falls but it is much warmer...-6C .
Best to stay off the roads today.
hugs, Deb


  1. It's cold here, too -- and hunkering down! But I hear a warm-up is coming! Hopefully soon!

  2. The view out your windows is just lovely, Deb! We have crazy wind and rain today - this weather is just bizarre!

  3. Just read this to Bob and he laughed saying, "Wow she must spend more money than us on birdseed with so many feeders"!
    Such a great feeling though isn't it Deb when you know you are helping keep those tiny hearts beating in such cold conditions. We absolutely LOVE our garden visitors and really do a lot for them. Bob took his life (well his ankles and hips!) in his hands yesterday going down our ice-covered steps at 7:30 AM in the stormy conditions to refill the feeders, melt the birdbaths etc. They do repay us in special ways though, and bring life to the garden by way of songs, color and interest. Long live the garden birds - they are so much more interesting than TV, haha!
    Today it will reach 60F here after rain and wind in the night which at least washed away the ice. This Winter is so strange.
    Stay warm - meow to the kitties.
    Hugs - Mary

  4. Cuddle up with the kitties and stay warm!

  5. Lovely photos ! It is cloudy here so far looks like the sun is trying it's best to pop out but our temps are mild and the snow is starting to melt a bit . Temps to be +6 come Friday here . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Annie does have the sweetest little face. This really is crazy weather. We had sleet and snow all day yesterday and the temperature never rose above 33 degrees. This morning when we got up it was 54.9 degrees and raining. Totally changed overnight.

  7. Glad to see you are doing okay, staying busy with goods things and even getting out some! Good for you!

  8. Love the pics... especially the one with the shadow cat! (BTW, beautiful tomatoes!

  9. It's definitely been stay indoors weather- the snow falling today is at least a switch from the deep cold we had on the weekend.

  10. Annie is the very picture of peace and contentment. Your birds will certainly be happy in your garden.
    Maybe there is a second career for you: Auntie Deb's home made suet cakes.