Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Keeping birds safe & enjoying the sun puddles.

Hawks around the property have me re-thinking where my feeders are placed. I think the birds could use more shelter around their feeding stations. I'll be tucking things into the branches more.
The more branches around the feeders the less likely the hawk can grab them.

I gave up on fancy wreaths in the trees since the wild-life like to pull them apart and went for just a block of home-made suet in the dry bird-bath. This takes less time to make and is appreciated by birds just as much. I pulled the bird-bath closer to the tree for the rest of the winter. Again, just trying to keep them safe. The squirrels will have a good meal off it, too. And Simon, too,  if he stays awake for awhile. He was out and about for most of the morning running around with our resident black and grey squirrels. When the crows arrive he runs for home.

There's little Simon.

We have very little snow this winter.
The sun filled the mouse-house this morning giving all souls hope for a beautiful day.
Audrey won't move from her cat tree for most of the day now.

Annie follows me around. :)

Wiarton Willy did see his shadow today so we are in for more than six weeks of winter. Big surprise! But...if they are like the weeks we are having that's ok by me.

Enjoy your day,


  1. Lovely photos ! I though the same thing years ago but best to leave the feeders where they are gives the birds a better chance and space to flee from the hawks , some times hawks use the trees to their advantage to trap the birds in and get them if feeders are in there as they cant see whats coming as well . I am enjoying this winter we are snowless now and have had warm temps of + or more with lovely sunshine but this evening and over night into tomorrow we are to get lots of rain gona be mucky mess lol ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. You are so kind to the animals and birds. That little Simon is cute as can be. I could curl up there with Audrey in that sunny spot.

  3. Yep...six more weeks of winter here, too.....but that's ok with me, too! I have 'make suet' on my to do list...the birds sure love it!

  4. Awwww, nice to see Simon! Do you put out food for him every day, even in winter, in the hopes he will make an appearance? I haven't seen any of my little chipmunks since the winter finally hit. Many, many red and grey squirrels, yes, but no chipmunks!

    1. N0, I only feed him if he makes an appearance.

  5. My birdys chomp the suet wreaths apart too and there is lots on the ground for the ground feeders. Not sure it matters where your feeders are. Those eagle eye hawks ( hahahaha) will spot anything. Agree with CG -- the more open the better chance the birds have of escaping. I have a sharp shinned that carouses the neighbourhood. The other birds are pretty good at knowing there is a hawk around. Love that new window shelf. I see G has been busy :-)

    1. I read this on-line. That's what got me out to change things up at the feeders.

      Shield Feeders: Place birdfeeders in covered areas such as under an awning or umbrella or hanging from lower tree branches where the canopy will prevent hawks from seeing available prey. Alternatively, covered platform feeders can provide some visual shielding from circling hawks.

  6. We, too, find that having our feeders where the birds can best fly quickly into tree branches helps them escape hawks in mid-air. I put ground food down into our unprunded rose bushes where bigger birds can't even go into. The small ones choose those places to feed first so that where the food always is now. Good Job, Deb!

    So love seeing Little Simon!


  7. love those cats!
    & as always am enjoying your posts too!
    thanx for sharing

  8. I think if the Hawk wants a meal....he will have a meal...
    You are so good to your feathered friends...and Simon too!
    Stay dry!
    Linda :o)

  9. It's good to try and protect the birds under the branches. I always have to remember that Hawks need to eat, too, and that is nature's way, even though it makes me feel so bad. Your little Audrey knows how to make the best of a sunny winter day! Always fun to see all your little friends. xx

  10. Deb, those hawks are gorgeous creatures but I would imagine they would wreak havoc with the little birds. Simon is so precious and tiny. He must be a joy to watch. Yes, Audrey does look very content..Happy Week to you all..Judy

  11. We certainly agree with shielded feeders. Very important for protection from swooping hawks.
    Simon looks a lot smaller than he used to. Hibernation really causes them to slim down. I should try hibernation myself.