Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stay Safe.

So, we are once again in a winter's wonderland.
It snowed for hours, hours and hours. I want to cry.
On a positive side, it is not nearly as cold as we have experienced of late.
It's bearable to stand at the bird feeders and clean them off and fill them up. But, no doubt, I look like a nut-job.

                             ''NO ARGUMENT HERE."

 The mail-lady drove by and waved. Then I saw her laugh. Glad I provided amusement for her difficult drive. lol
Sweeping off the feeders
and filling them up.

"Holy Moses...hang on to your hats."

"LINDA...from (Woke Up...Got out of Bed)
these photos are for you while you tan yourself in Florida."

The retired-guy just shakes his head.
I told him I heard knocking at the door early this morning and it may have been the birds. He just headed to the coffee-maker for another cup.

The snow-plows are out everywhere and we had our drive-way blown out this afternoon.'s supposed to snow into the night, :(

We have already broken a record for most snow in one day since 1947.
52 cm. expected.

The cats have been groomed which included a nail-trim, much to Audrey's dismay, and many indoor projects were completed.

I have contacted all my kids  to let me know when they are off the roads and home for the night.
Once a mother...always a mother.

Boy, I can't wait for Spring.

If you are in the area, stay safe.

hugs, Deb


  1. It's been tough walking in it too. I think we exceeded the expected amount here thus far and it's still falling.

  2. Funny how different the weather can be from there to here and we are only a few hours apart . Mild and melting snow here today sunshine for tomorrow and mild and rain in the forecast for Friday and +6 . I am able to take my feeders into my potting shed where I keep my bird seed and fill them up in there on my table and clean them off . The retired guy needs to make you a little shed for you to keep the feed in and a table to fill them on and a few shelves ... WELL !! Mr lol ! Lovely photos yeah people here think I am bonkers to be out in stormy weather looking after the wild life but I don't care ! Thanks for sharing , have a good evening .

    1. A potting shed is on my list, Elaine. I do use the garage for my seed and I have a small table to fill feeders but I want my own space. ALL MINE! lol

  3. You are so sweet to feed the birds in this weather. Oh Audrey, she does it for you too!! Stay warm.

  4. Goodness! That's some snow pouring down. I think it's great that you feed the birds no matter what. I do the same thing. I've hung out the windows to fill feeders when I couldn't get out to them. ha

    The pictures are great!

  5. OH make me laugh! was 22 here today....beeeutiful sunset....
    Oh....gosh....sorry....didn't mean to rub it in....tee hee hee....
    Take care of yourself....stay toasty....make a cup of tea....I think you should bake those delightful banana oatmeal cookies....that oughta warm up the mouse house!
    Linda :o)

  6. Yikes that is a lot of snow!
    We purr it stops soon and you keep your power.
    Pretty sure the birdies appreciate the seeds.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. Oh dear - that is a lot of snow and cold! I'm sure you are the bird's life-line during this terrible weather. I hope it melts soon - these last couple of months of winter do seem to drag on and on and on. Stay safe and warm. Soon this will be a distant memory.....x K

  8. Hi Deb! I just discovered your blog and it looks great! Those pictures of you out cleaning up the bird feeders and filling them, are amazing and blustery! We've gotten snow the last couple of days too. Keep up the great blog!

  9. We are still in Winter here and I can hardly wait for Spring. I presume by the end of April it shall be here. Make a nice cup of tea and cuddle with the cats!

  10. Deb I know how it must feel being bombarded with so much snow - why do you think we moved south all those years ago, haha!

    Love the pix of you outside - and yes, tell the retired guy no real retirement until your get your very own potting shed! I love mine - although it's awaiting a a good clean out as soon as it's Spring and warmer. Make sure he builds shelves - they are so useful - and have windows and a chandelier as I do! You can then gussie it up with chairs and a table and serve afternoon tea. I'll be looking forward to an invitation, and will bring goodies to share, lol!

    Seriously my dear, do take care - all your family too. That's severe weather to contend with.
    Thinking of you - hugs, Mary

  11. ohhh wow, your weather looks wild! you take care too! we don't want you to get blown away! stay safe too!
    Audrey is a riot! love her too (& Annie of cos!)
    thanx for sharing

  12. Oh! My goodness! Where are you....! :).
    I think it's the 'retired guy' taking
    the pics...And taking the risks! Hope
    you made sure that both of you had a
    double hot chocolate..! :). Bless!
    Oh! And one each for Audrey and Sierra..xx
    Snow! Snow! Quick! Quick! Snow!

  13. Oh my... here is so heat!!!!!
    We are in summer!

  14. Yikes -- we just had a couple of inches down here. I think we dodged a big bullet! Stay safe and cozy.