Friday, February 26, 2016


I was away all day and returned just before dark. As I headed past the feeders I noticed they were once again completely empty. In one cold, wintry day the food had been taken by grateful birds of all sorts.
"I'll fill them tomorrow", I thought, and came in to feed two impatient, hungry cats.
As I was filling bowls with stinky goodness, I couldn't help but notice a wee little chickadee standing on one of the platform feeders; an empty platform feeder. Then it flew over to a tree branch and sat. In my eyes it looked cold and hungry. I put my coat back on and headed out.

I had just stocked up with black sunflower seeds, mixed seed and the very popular peanuts. My bins were once again full. As I went out to bring the feeders into the garage the little chickadee didn't move from it's perch. I think it knew I'd be back with food. It's beauty struck me and I felt so privileged to be staring it in the face.

Is it the mother in me that wants all stray cats and wild birds to have a full tummy, every-day, all day long?
I question that about myself but I know that it would have bothered me all night long if that one little bird had flown away hungry. So, maybe it's a bit selfish, too.

I wish nothing and no-one knew hunger. I can't imagine how frightening and painful it must be to have an empty stomach with no sure sign of relief in site. It must be terrifying for an animal to look around and not find anything to relieve the pain of the empty stomach. No where to turn.
That's how I think they must feel in the winter months; these beautiful innocent birds.

I've been looking at potting shed kits with the need to have one built this summer. I can't wait to have my own little space filled with garden paraphernalia, a big sunny window and seed bins all neat and tidy. Much different than most garages, if you know what I mean.

Look at this little cutie.

It's still cold in these parts; more snow on the way this weekend. I know...enough already. But this is normal for the month ahead. March can be very unpredictable. I'm hoping it is...
                                 in like a lion...out like a lamb.
                                                       without the togue, please.


hugs, Deb



  1. Dear Deb, I am so grateful for people like you in this world. My husband and I have spend countless dollars feeding birds and also animals that were just left behind. I too cannot imagine going to bed unless everything is fed. I wash blankets constantly so these cats have something soft to lay on because in my mind they also deserve soft and warm beds. There is a very old and rough looking possum coming by sometimes and inches ever closer to us on a big tree limb off the balcony, listening intently while we talk to it at night. It seems crazy but I always want them to feel that once a day at least someone paid any attention to them at all. I could never work in an animal shelter, they would all have to come home with me every night and most of the time I just would be in tears seeing all the neglect and misery they have been through. Thank you so much for everything you are doing for birds and animals, I just love your blog so very much for it. Elke

  2. You are good people Deb. Like you I feel sorry for little birds that have to scavenge for food each day. We are lucky having fridges and pantries full of food and can eat anytime we like.

    Julie Q

  3. Oh Deb, I lnow just where you're comming from! I'm my car trunk are all sorts of foods for every critter, bowls, blankets, rubber gloves, heavy gauntlet type gloves, collars, leashes , first aide equipment , some self heating packets and a collapsable cat cage. A water bag comes with me from inside the house. Crazy pet lady? You bet and proud of it!

  4. “If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” - Mother Teresa

    People or animals knowing hunger is a very hard part of our broken world but we can keep feeding those whose lives we can touch. Thank you, Deb, for feeding the hundreds within your reach.


  5. Deb your heart is so caring for all living things. I hate to think of any animals being hungry esp cats and birds also. Just hurts my heart. Thank you for all you do.

  6. Dear Deb, Your post tonight brought tears to my eyes. You are a lady after my own heart. We feed a gazillion birds and squirrels and what have you and never count the cost and, yah, worry when the corn cob is bare or the water level a bit low in the heated birdbath for the finches and wrens. I sure do "know where you're coming from". And, like Elke, I love your blog so very much. Oh, and I loved the pic. of your corner shelf in shadows that you posted the other day. With love from Nebraska ><>

  7. oooO! Do love that little house!
    Bit special is that..! Though! Though!
    I'd have it in 'pink'. HeHe! :>).

    AND...I think Audrey!x looks lovely in
    her red woolly hat...!!! Bless!x :).

  8. Dear Deb,
    I feel and act the same. The first thing I do when coming out of bed early the morning is to go (still in my night dress) into the garden to feed the birds. And of course I go another time out, when seeds and nuts and apples are eaten up to fill the feeder again. But I am NO mother and I think, one have the feeling for all sort of animales or do not have it. I believe our life is so much richer with this love.
    I love your blog and each post.
    Nice weekend to you all

  9. Sometimes my mind goes down the rabbit hole of concern for hungry/abused/neglected ppl & animals, Can't sleep. But, like you, I take care of what's in front of me and try to clear my heart and mind .
    I have potting shed envy. Gail

  10. You are a girl after my own heart Deb. Animals depend on our help. I used to worry about the beautiful deer that would come up from the woodlands every day in search of food during those horribly cold winter months. I wanted to build a stable for are such a lovely dear to keep the feeders full....just an angel on earth!

  11. Oh I am the same way Deb I cant let the birdies go with out food at all I always have to have their feeders filled I feel bad If they are out and waiting . As for the feral cats we have lots of neighbors that feed them so they are good to ! Oh my that is such a cut potting shed , you will love having one they are soo handy and it is fun to decorate them to ! Sunny and chilly here today seeing signs of spring here now , Yes I hope March is more spring like the winter like now , Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  12. I can totally relate. I get home from work in the dark and think, I can feed the birds tomorrow. But I know they get up in the week hours, the break of dawn and if their feeders are empty, it's just not fair. So with a flashlight I often fill the feeders. I put seed down for the little red squirrels too. Now that I have feeders that they can't get into, they just stare at me if there's no food on the ground for them. It's a busy time. Last time I went shopping I had 2 kind of bird seed, suet and bags and tins of cat food. Richard asked if I was buying any food for myself!

  13. What a beautiful post, Deb. Your big, huge heart truly shines through.

  14. Mum feels the same way.
    She wants the birdies and squirrels to have full tummies too :)
    On weekends she puts out the seeds before she has her breakfast.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  15. These animals know they're well cared for.

  16. Deb, you've brought tears to my eyes again. Thank you for being so kind. Things like that worry me too. Poppy says, "everything around here is overfed and too fat". :) Lots of times when I sell and apron and have a little extra spending money of my own...I buy an extra bale of hay or some kind of special kitty cat food or bird seed. :)

  17. Feel aren't you the sweetest ding dang thing♥️
    Kudos to crazy cat/bird lady you...
    Linda :o)

  18. We do love our sweet birdies - even the 4-legged ones with bushy tails, haha!!

    Mary -

  19. I would do the same. I can't stand the longing looks.

    As for the potting shed, that one you depicted looks good enough to live in.