Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Friendly feeders still open for business

After my morning walk with the turkeys...

I made another batch of suet for the resident birds which number a few hundred now.
Mourning Doves, Chickadees, Blue-jays, Woodpeckers, Gold Finch, American Wrens, Juncos, Redpolls, Nut-hatch, Sparrows, Starlings & Black Crows. And, my Pileated Wood-pecker couple that visit often.

Not too aesthetically appealing to us but boy, do the birds love it. This will now be put in the freezer to harden. The large cake goes in the dry bird-bath for the larger birds that have trouble at the feeders; the small ones in the suet cages.

I had been given some stale organic pretzel crackers for the birds so I added them to the suet block along with some Shreddies and an apple, core and all. I like looking around the cupboards to see what I can add that will nourish the little beggars. This should keep them happy for awhile and that makes me happy, too..
I think because of the winter soon winding down  (25 more days 'til Spring) this may be the last batch for this year. I will continue feeding the birds all year but not be putting suet out in a month or so.

                              The pretty little Chickadee.

There is still lots of snow here, and more on the way, but I'm thinking

hugs, Deb


  1. You have some SERIOUS birds. Word on the street is about 7-8 inches of snow in Michigan. Hope it doesn't make it as far as you -- you've had enough!

  2. I agree with Jeanie's comment above! The weather services have started beating the drums about a big snow storm to hit Michigan (I'm in Metro Detroit) starting Wed PM...may be the very first snow day at my can only hope

  3. The birds certainly know where the feast is!

  4. Lovely photos ! I read that the storm for us will be rain for some and snow for others I hope we get rain here as we have no snow left and the land is warmer now as is the air . Nice and sunny here today not a cloud in the sky so far . Yup my birdies are feasting at the feeders to preparing for the storm they are . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Those turkeys must be on their way to your house. :) You have sure kept the birds happy and healthy this winter. I love your bunny!

  6. I don't know why, but I find the turkeys hilarious ! Like a group of seniors headed for a buffet.
    My mum, an avid birder, always said one must not cut off the feelings too early because, even though it may be warmer/Spring , the new food sources haven't grown in yet.

    1. Not to worry, Kari. I feed them every day, all year long, but stop the suet once the sun gets too warm.

  7. Those turkeys are amazing. Just makes me smile to see them strolling along like that!

    The crackers and apples are a great addition to your suet!

  8. I'll bet Audrey likes watching those turkeys walk by. We also feed the birds year round, but only with seed and bread. I've never done suet. Tux loves to watch the Cardinals at the feeder from his window.

  9. I would be happy with Spring heading here soon!