Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stocking up for this cold spell

We are in for some cold weather here in Ontario, Canada. By Saturday it will be -27C. "Ugh".
But, up until this week, it has been a great winter for those who are not fans of snow, ice and freezing cold winds.

I stocked up on mixed seed, apples, peanuts in the shell and I have a week's worth of suet in the freezer.
The resident birds will be ok. Me, I'll be bankrupt soon.
I have a path shoveled to the main feeders and filled the heated bird-bath.
Apparently, providing a heated bird-bath in the winter will attract many of your local birds. They need water all year and will make use of your bird-bath throughout the changing seasons.

Read all about it...

Someone is ready for Valentine's Day.

"I am pretty...oh, so pretty. "

and someone else wanted no part of it.
She beat up the ribbon immediately. Then tried to eat it.

She is not about to dress for any occasion. Ribbons had to be put away in a safe place.

It's hot soup tonight on this terribly cold evening.
And the kitties are all set for a snuggle on the couch.

I hope you are cozy where you are.

hugs, Deb


  1. Well now of course Audrey would play Destroy The Ribbon. Annie looks so sweet!

    Feels like we are in the deep freeze... finally!

  2. are the sweetest of all possible sweet felines ♥
    Those local birds are fortunate to have warm water and food =)

  3. Annie is such a cute cat and the ribbon tops it off! AA has her own charms - without ribbons. lol

    Like you, I feed the wildlife here and have joked that my husband would have retired years ago but the funds went to the birds and others. : ) We just can't help ourselves, huh.

    Sending you warm thoughts for these extra cold days. Stay warm!


  4. Your peach looks beautiful in her ribbon! I've never tried that on my kitties but I'm sure they would not approve. haha. I wanted so badly for my first kitty many years ago to wear a little collar but he would have nothing of it! Sigh!

  5. I think Audrey had FUN with that ribbon! She is such a hoot and reminds me so much of one of our late kitties. You stay in where it's cozy and have a cup of tea and bake something yummy. Oh, before I forget, is it 6 Tbsp. or 6 tsp. of O.J. in your apple cake? Sending warm thoughts. Nebraska ><>

  6. Lovely photos ! Yes it can get quite pricey feeding the birds and critters but oh so worth it to , Papa and I always tease and joke that each month we have to remortgage to feed the birds and critters here lol ! It is bitter out there now BRR ! we are all cozy inside to and the birdies and critters have lots of shelter and food here to . Thanks for sharing , have a good evening and stay cozy !

  7. I know what you mean about the birds bankrupting you! Stay cozy -- cold here, too!

  8. Annis is so pretty, but so is Audrey! I just stocked up on cat food as we feed several feral cats outside. They all know who in the neighborhood has the diner!...and I think they all show up here. I can't NOT feed them in this cold weather.
    The birds are keeping me busy also. I can't put out too much at a time because the deer will come in the night and clean them out. I need to find deer-proof feeders!

  9. All my kitties are tucked safely inside. I have a cold. Best to stay in too. The birds? Extra suet and lotsa seeds. And even some for the poor red squirrels. Stay warm!

  10. Those are some lucky birds! and wow they do eat you out of house and home, especially in the winter. Your Valentine kitties are too cute- Most of mine will only wear accessories for about 20 seconds too- :)

  11. Annie is so precious. Her little peach face is so sweet. Audrey, as always, cracks me up. My cat ATE a 14" ribbon last winter! I caught the last 2" +/- slip into his mouth. Had to drive over an hour to a surgeon and I was a mess. Fortunately when vet gave him anesthesia, he became ill and threw it up. Much cheaper in every way over a surgery.

    I use my heated birdbath all winter. I noticed the first year that the bird visitors increased tremendously. I love it ... although it IS a costly joy. ha

  12. I know what you mean about the cost of birdseed. I also buy peanuts for the squirrels & Blue Jays. I will need a second mortgage! I did make a heart bird seed offering, which the squirrels enjoyed. I was SO excited that I had a Pileated Woodpecker sighting, rare for our area. Hope you have a great weekend.

  13. Audrey seems like the jeans and sweatshirt sort of girl.

    I have been trying to attract birds to the ground outside our windows but I've had no luck. I tried store-bought suet, and bird seed, but they don't seem to like it.


  14. That Audrey...always a character! Annie is adorbs, as usual. Stay warm!

  15. I love the kitty photos. We're stocking up too, bringing lots of firewood into the house. It's supposed to be very windy too. Stay cozy. xo

  16. It's chilly in the house today even with the wood stove cranking nearby - I can't imagine what it will be like tomorrow, but I'll be at work so not here to feel it. I'll be out in it, God help me!! Stay warm, friend - xo

  17. Happy Valentines Day Deb....those darling kitties always make me smile! Stay warm!

  18. Visiting your blog makes me smile and brightens my day. Annie is such a pretty Valentine. Audrey makes me laugh! She is rotten! Could not help but laugh at you saying you would be bankrupt soon. Poppy preaches that all the time...It does get expensive feeding the birds, but I just love overfeeding every animal out here. Our weatherman keeps saying we are in for the coldest weather yet...coming straight down from Canada! We appreciate your sharing with us! :)

  19. Cats and ribbons! That just makes me smile. stay warm!

  20. Have to agree that feeding the critters isn't cheap. Sometimes when we're checking out with all the catfood cans, I wonder what people think. On occasion someone will say, "I take it you have cats?" And I really want to say, "no... why?"
    As for the weather, I really feel for you. It sounds like you (and many others) are in for some really cold weather. Please stay warm and stay safe! And Happy Valentines!

  21. It will be cold for us here in Northern US as well. I hope the rest of next week will be fine. It is so sweet of you to feed these lovely winged creatures. Your cat is so adorable. We have two cats! Happy Valentines's Day to you.

  22. Oh, I had to laugh at your ribbon eating kitty! Audrey looks so pretty in hers, though! It is expensive to feed the birds. It seems the seed doubles in price every year. I heard about the Polar Vortex descending on the East. All my relatives live in New England and are suffering, too. I hope it doesn't last very long. Hope you have some chocolates to keep you going.....Happy Valentine's Day! xx

  23. I've kept my feeder full throughout the winter but there's not been a bird in sight since I can't remember when. Seeing all the efforts you make for these lovely creatures, I'm now wondering what I'm doing wrong???