Sunday, January 31, 2016

Grandittle time & unexpected visitors to the mouse-house.

Our nights have been cold the last week. It is very still at the feeders when I am so rudely awakened each morning by Audrey's shenanigans. This morning the comb that I used to groom her lately came flying off my dresser whirling to the floor at 5:45 am. Then her Siamese-like warbling started up.
"Nope...too early for me. Go back to bed, brat."
Disgruntled, she sat on the cat-tree facing the side feeder where once again she was disappointed by no action. She might tell you her life ain't worth livin'.

Mourning Doves are first to the feeders. They clean up the spillage from the day before.
Time to fill all feeders again. See my squirrel feeder. I always put peanuts and bread crusts in there. The squirrel goes in, sits down and eats lunch under glass. lol

Breakfast at the mouse-house.

Teaching Gramps all the dinosaur names
in his favorite book.
He'll never remember them, believe me, ;-)

"These are 'wishing stars', Nan. Pick one and make a wish."
I did, and I'm not tellin'.
I picked one, made a wish and said it's a secret.
Riley says..."Well, you could tell me and then have a do-over." haha!
She's so smart.

Cuddle-hog Ozzie
So at home on anyone's lap.

We enjoyed a delicious meal of maple salmon, rice & asparagus. cake. :)
Wonderful to see my son and family.

When returning home we noticed what I expect is coyote tracks in our drive-way.
And, around the feeders.
I know we have a bunny coming around.
Wish I could warn it.

hugs, Deb


  1. Well that lookd like a perfect day! Not sure but that sure looks like an awesome omelet in the making?? Love those anytime of day. Our boykitty Smokey (audreys charleston twin) flings objects whirling through the air and to the floor when he is annoyed and wants my attention and thinks he is waiting too long for his supper! Cats are so smart

  2. Ps those grand kids are adorable and that squirrel has fancy first class floor to ceiling glass view dining accomadations! Fancy!

  3. Lovely photos . kids say the cutest things don't they? Our feeders have been busy all week and weekend with lots of Pine Siskins and Gold finch . Oh hope the bunny there will be ok , the amount of dogs in the area here keep away the coyotes , I sure would love to get a photo of one though . Glad you had a nice family visit . It has been warm and raining here today . Thanks for sharing , have a good evening .

  4. I can picture Audrey up roaming around early in the morning trying to wake you. That is so funny. It is scary to think about a coyote sneaking being around, with all your little animals.

    1. I do worry about our squirrels and rabbits. We see coyotes in the distance sometimes when driving country roads. Plus we had one at our feeders last summer. It ate the apples then went on it's way. They must be terribly hungry to take a chance coming so close to a house. They are usually very shy of people. I would never leave a dog or cat outside alone around here.

  5. What a lovely day! And that dinner sounds delish!
    I bet bunny can smell that coyote and has some good hiding spots!

  6. Sounds like you had fun!

    How can a critter that sleeps eighteen hours a day want to be up before six?

    1. And she stomps around like she's mad, too. She'll be the death of me. lol

  7. Oh my kitties do the same thing. Misbehave and make noise until I get up and feed them. On the weekends I get up, give them their food and then go back to bed.

    I hope the bunny reads your blog and heeds the warning about the coyote tracks. Scary.

  8. Is Grampa's name in that book, LOL? (Sorry, G!) :)

    1. Not sure if his name is there but he does share a birthday with one of them. lol

  9. Oh how sweet....and now I'm hungry! Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  10. When did your grandchildren become old enough to have complete conversations with you? Weren't they being bottle-fed just last month? I'm sure time was here a moment ago, but it flew away...

  11. Poor baby Audrey! But good for you, showing her who's boss! Looks like a lot of love this weekend!