Thursday, January 28, 2016

little & BIG

A Downy Woodpecker enjoys some suet while our new regular at the feeders, our Pileated Woodpecker, heads up  for a snack.
This big guy comes by every day now.

And look at this little one fly away.
I love catching them in mid-flight.
The empty suet cage was full of home-made suet just yesterday.
Big Guy has a big appetite.

Look how cute this little one is.

Here's two more littles.

Grandittles Riley & Bradley.
These two are growing like weeds.
They are loving their new country home. They have a hundred trees to climb and space to run like the wind. Riley will soon be six and Brad is three.
Riley just lost her first tooth yesterday.

By this summer, we will be grandparents to five little ones.
We have a grand-son and a grand-daughter on the way.
"Holy smokes"
We have a very exciting year ahead.
I'd better warn Audrey
and keep the top of the fridge clear. ;-)

hugs, Deb


  1. Yeah for the tooth fairy!
    That is an imposing photo of Miss Audrey =)

  2. I am really enjoying your bird photos this Wilnter....
    You have way more snow than us...
    Ours is gone!
    YAY to more guys will be in heaven...
    2 babies!!! Love it!
    Linda :o)

  3. That suet looks really nice...looks
    good enough to eat..! :). Wish l was
    a woodpecker..!!! :).

    And the tooth fairy...Remember an 'old'
    joke my Dad used to come up with......
    "I fell asleep with my head under the
    pillow..when l woke up..ALL my teeth
    were gone". :>).

  4. Your family is growing by leaps and bounds! How wonderful!
    Mina is off to the vet this morning. 6 month check up and she needs dental work done. Poor baby. Living on the street, with no home, for the first year of her life really did a job on her teeth. I'll be on pens and needles until she is home this afternoon.
    Hugs and purrs....

  5. Your cup runneth over...except obviously, Audrey would rather you put most everything back inside!

  6. It's great that your family is growing. You and your children are very lucky to have those little ones - but I don't need to tell you that!

  7. Audrey does look most imposing from this angle!

  8. How fortunate you are to have a Pileated woodpecker come to the feeder. We do occasionally see one here, on a tree, and I get so excited. They are so big! He can probably finish off a suet cake in no time. I know your grandchildren must love it there. Nothing like having trees to climb.

  9. How exciting to have two more Grands due!! I know my hands are full with just my two but there is always room for more isn't there!

  10. I knew a hungry critter would take care of your pretty seed wreath in no time! Oh well, someone had a gourmet meal anyway. I think you and yours were meant for country living!

  11. The large woody is awesome - I could watch them for hours - and I do when it snows!
    The grands are adorable in their snow gear, and more to come this year, wow!
    My granddaughter was here for tea today with her lovely round 6 month 'bump' - he'll be arriving end of April and will make us first time great-grands - unbelievable and such fun! We talked about strollers, car seats, cribs etc., all of which appear to be very hi-tech now, lol!

    Hugs - Mary