Friday, January 29, 2016

Time for baking FLIES by

As you probably know, we live in 600 sq. ft. right now so I try to enlarge the cat's world by bringing them down to the garage every day. They have places to climb and a window to look out but they do spend most of their time upstairs. They get a few treats each day and they are given to them in the garage, only. I know how small the mouse-house feels to me so I guess the cats find it tiny, too, but they really don't seem to mind it. The door to the garage is open all the time but I find them upstairs in their favorite spots most of the day.
I think I worry too much.

I baked today on my new counter top. We still need to find the right back-splash but I am enjoying the clean surface and the new feel to the teeny-weeny kitchen. Two little shelves have been added, too, so less is on the counter top. :) Lights are now installed under the cupboards.
Still need to hide some cords, though.

It's snowing today but that's ok. I'm enjoying the warmth and coziness of the mouse-house with my Annie girl while Audrey snoozes and the retired-guy is out. I am listening to The Eagles while I putter around. Best music ever. I still can't believe we have lost one. :(

As I stirred up the mixture,  I watched the wild-life outside the mouse-house kitchen corner window. The squirrels were ridiculous; little red being chased by a grey one, two black ones hanging upside-down on the maple branch. Grey took off after another black one and they actually somersaulted through the snow. The balancing acts on the maple branches were impressive as the two black made their way to the feeders.
The big wood-pecker was back for a quick bite and then was scared off by starlings. The blue-jays were filling up on suet.
As the birds come in to the feeders for lunch, the entertainment here makes baking fly by.
A slice of this with whip-cream and a dash of cinnamon.
And tea...always tea.

"Happy weekend, everyone."

hugs, Deb


  1. I bet your house smelled heavenly with that cake baking!!

  2. I love your little kitchen and I bet your apple cake was delicious and made your place smell yummy.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Your apple cake looks delicious. And I know what you mean by kitchen window entertainment. We enjoy that here too... but usually it's black cats climbing about in the trees and squirrels teasing them.

  4. sometimes a small kitchen is easier to work in,, I know mine is small but it works, Your space is lovely and cosy,, the cake looks amazing and sounds even better yummo!

  5. I do love your little kitchen Deb ... my kitchen is small here too but there is room enough for one cook (Me!!). I could just about reach into my screen & grab a slice of that delicious looking apple cake ... yes please to cream with mine :-) Your blog is always SUCH a delightful place to visit ... especially as we swelter over here in very hot temps. x x x Hugs to the furry ones too x x

  6. Oh that pis looks YUMMY ! oh yes with tea indeed a must have . Sounds like our animals house here with all the birds and squirrels lol I love it though they all make me laugh . It has been snowing gently on and off here to and the winds have been blowing cold out today and gloomy !Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , have a good evening .

  7. Your kitchen looks great and the treats look like they will be tasty.

    I watched a documentry on the Eagles this week. It is a miracle that they have lived as long as they have, they sure lived the sex drugs and rock and roll life. Tis a shame though to lose such a talent.

  8. I love watching squirrels too. And my brother is obsessed with them.

    That cake looks delicious! I'm going to copy the recipe.

    Your kitchen is so cute even if it is tiny.

  9. Tiny house living; it's all the rage on TV here in the States! I am ready for a tiny house for me, and another tiny house for The Hubby...giggle!

  10. New counters look great .... Baking here today too ... Brownies and Cheese biscuits for our winter minestrone. really do have to get off my a** and post this stuff.

    I think we are due for another visit eh??

    1. CHEESE BISCUITS...oh my! Yes, plan a visit and I'll bake a cake. :)))

  11. I find that Charlie is OK in a small space but her is older now. As long as he has a window to look out and me to sit on then he seems happy. Oh I bet your home smelled amazing with that cake! I think I'll bake tomorrow since I'll be home all day.

  12. Wasn't it Queen Victoria that said things taste better in small houses? I guess that means your apple cake was divine in the mouse house! haha. Yum!

  13. You have managed to make The Mouse House...cozy, warm and inviting! I can just smell that lovely apple cake all the way to Texas...looks divine! I love the yellow in your needed for those winter days! Big hugs Deb!

  14. I have made your apple cake in the past and it is delicious! Hmmmm, I think I will be doing some baking today!

  15. Your kitchen is looking good!
    Bet it smelled heavenly in there....
    I love the Eagles....wish I had seen them in concert :o(
    Have a great weekend!
    Love your shirt!
    Linda :o)

  16. I think my husband might want to stop by and try your Apple Spice Cake . . . his kind of dessert . . .
    Love your tiny house look, your kitchen is looking perfect!
    Are you enjoying the "going small!"
    Thanks you for your visits to the Irish Garden House.
    Love, Lynne

  17. The cats here have lots of space, but like to snooze a lot ;)
    Bet your place smells delicious now!
    Nancy and the kitties

  18. Eagles fan here all the old songs...which is your favorite? Love that blouse!! I attended dozens (hundreds! Lol) of concerts back in the day but never got around to the eagles

  19. Great new counter top! Wonderful! And I can smell the cake from here... sigh.

  20. Mom says she's had a few tiny kitchens over the years. The one we have now isn't huge. We kitties are good at making do - just give us a cozy place to curl up for a nap!

  21. Yum@

    I love all your touches of yellow.

    Thanks for the sweet words on my latest post.

  22. Love your kitchen, adore your cats and wish I had such a big back garden. Always an Eagle fan. Saw them in 1976 at Wembley.

  23. Hi Deb! Love your little kitchen and I'm sure the smell of that pie was heavenly! I would love just one little bite! :) Thank you for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. Deb, about the apple cake: is it 6 tsps. or 6 Tbsps. of orange juice? I copied that recipe earlier and I think I copied 6 Tbsps. Would sure make a difference! I love your kitchen too.
    Nebraska ><>

  25. THe mouse-house may be small, but it always looks warm and inviting in your photos! Cake looks yummy too.