Tuesday, January 5, 2016

As we move on...

            First off ..."Good-bye 2015."
It's been a year of ups and too many heartbreaking downs so I am glad to bid you, "farewell".
I have written on my chalkboard "Here's to a better year."
 And I mean it.

 I do find beauty and little miracles around me if I look hard enough. And I do look.

We are now in a winter wonderland and the new snow is quite beautiful to see. I love to look at the fields where snow has fallen and not a track or foot-print in sight. It looks so peaceful and serene. A fresh start.

The feeders have been a place of fit and furry lately. And, a place to calm one's soul. I can barely keep up with the numbers of birds that need food. I also put out suet for them and go through blocks of it a week. So, it's time to make my own.
                                      Bird Suet
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup lard
2 c corn meal
1 c flour
1/3 c sugar
2 c rolled oats
peanuts and seeds

Line muffin tins with plastic wrap. Pop pan in freezer. Pop in bags when frozen.

They prefer this suet to the commercial brands.
"Thank you to my friend, Susan at for the recipe."

How these birds give me comfort just watching them fill their little bellies with nuts and seed.

(Red-breasted Nuthatch)

And this face...I don't just smile at this face, I laugh. She is so delightful to be around; always into something and prancing around demanding attention. She is either giving me the stink-eye or whipping things off the kitchen counter. That's right...she's a little hellian. But,
I hug her a lot whether she likes it or not.

"I don't like it."

And I love this cat. She has got me through the last few days just being herself.

She likes the Himalayan salt lamp. And the birdies. She's a master at cuddlin' and keeping you warm and cozy.

Sharing the heater on Kane's blanket.

Of course, Audrey hogs it.

I want to share this photo with you. Sierra loved to greet our mailman every morning without fail at our older home. She would wait on this bench and when he'd arrive he would give her a hug and get a big kiss in return. Yep...she was a little floozy.
Everyone knew this about her and found it endearing.

Oh, I have hundreds of favorite memories of this loved cat. I'll be showing them off in the days ahead. :) 
Thank you again for your thoughtfulness, your kind words and your love.

So...let's go 2016. I'm good and ready.

hugs, Deb


  1. Lovely! Lovely! Post Deb...Bless!x
    As they say...'Onwards and Upwards'.
    Into 2016..And see what comes up for
    each and everyone of us.
    Lets remember...
    "It's nice to be important, but it's
    important to be nice".

    This is a wonderful Blog...This grown
    man, at times, finds it difficult to
    handle..but as they say..C'est La Vie..
    Such is life...!

    HeHe! And l see Audrey...With her biggest
    fan! Bless!x

  2. God bless Annie & Audrey for stepping up to the plate and being there for you when you need them. And the birds too I guess! That "aerial" shot of Audrey makes her look a bit like a Thanksgiving turkey, but don't tell her I said so.

  3. The memories we have of our loved ones are difficult to recall sometimes, but we wouldn't lose those memories for the world. Audrey's reactions to hugs reminds me of my Renn. I call him my big boy, and like all big boys, he doesn't like to be hugged or kissed. But I do it anyway.

  4. Love the birdie photos! And of course, seeing Audrey and Annie. Not a fan of the winter tundra, but what will be will be. 10 degrees F this morning when I awoke, but only light snow flurries, so I don't have to put on my snow boots to feed my friendly ferals.

  5. I remember Sierra's fondness for the mailman. The cats and birds are good company.

  6. It's amazing what all changes in time. I remember when you welcomed Annie and her kitts into your already full home, with Cali, Ed, Kane, Sierra and of course all the cats you were looking after in your work. And naturally Annie and Audrey gift you back with love for all the love you have poured into your critters. Loss is brutal on the heart and yet the presence of the broken heart-pain reflects the glorious love that is present and will always be. Love wins, even when it hurts. blessings on you all as you turn the page and welcome the new chapter.

  7. Sweet post. The love of Charlie has helped me this week. Reminds me that love is so healing. Memories help make the smile come back on our faces also. I am also glad to say goodbye to 2015.

  8. What a wonderful photo of Sierra! "The Cat Guy" said it all so beautifully. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2016.

  9. When our cat of 20 years Linus passed away my Dad called and said "Don't stop feeding the birds." It did help quite a bit . Someone needed to be fed! My thought and prayers are with you and your family.

  10. You lost too many pets in a short span. The partings are so difficult, but life without pets would be dull. Blessings on Audrey and Annie.

  11. Deb, I am so glad you are looking for the beauty around you. Those two girls are certainly wonderful and I love the early daffodils and violets on the window sill. And the birds! Oh my! I loved the look of the red jingle bell wreath at the bird feeder in your header. I hope you will keep bringing beauty into your life in the next weeks in all the ways you can. Wish I were close enough to send you more than my prayers and thoughts full of hope.
    Love to you, Gary, Sweet Annie and AA,

  12. Hi Deb...Happy New Year to you from Australia! Thanks for visiting me today. Your cats are gorgeous! Love the photos of the sweet little birds, too. We get a lot a different birds in our garden and I can sit for hours just watching them. :)

  13. Annie and her kitties came to you for a reason. Time was needed to forge the deep bonds of love before the passing of the old guard. The little Mum and her delightful kitty had a mission. They fulfilled their mission well.

  14. ohhh my, i had to read the older posts that i missed
    am so sorry for your loss, i'm sitting here crying, what a shame & so young she was too, she was a beautiful cat, my heart goes out to you & i know how hard it is losing family so close together (dog in Feb, daughters cat in May) it's heart wrenching.
    am loving the memories of her you are showing us, she was very photogenic, such soft beauty ...
    distractions of nature & crafts can be very soothing
    thanx for sharing

  15. Deb I'm just catching up on your blog and I'm so terribly sorry about your sweet Sierra! I had no idea what you were going through, what a terrible end to the year. It's so hard losing a loved pet, and you have had to struggle through two terrible losses recently. I wish I could help but all I can do is grieve with you and send you big hugs. Xoxo

  16. Lovely photos ! Oh you have lots of snow we have none just the odd frosty mornings down here . I love my birdies they make me happy , I get so much joy out of them at my feeders every day to , they really make things that much better as does our pets past and present . It is cold here but sunny and that makes me happy as well . Nature rocks . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  17. What a sweet and up-lifting post. Hope this new year brings you lots of happiness and joy. Thank you for the suet recipe. This one sounds simple to make! Enjoy all those little miracles and beauty around you.

  18. Ah yes...on to a better year....taking with it. all of your sweetest memories. It is good to love! Hi Audrey!!

  19. It's been a while since I have taken the time to properly catch up on all my of my blog reading. It's good to see familiar faces, and it's sad to see that others have been given their angel wings. I'm holding you in my heart, as 2015 fades into the distance and 2016 reveals itself one day at a time.

  20. Yes, to a better year! I'm all for that! I love how you look for the little gifts of goodness around you. It's an important and wonderful habit to have! Stay warm!

  21. Please keep sharing your photos and memories of Sierra and Kane. I think it helps heal -- and we love them. I'm glad your girls are keeping you company and bringing their purrs and cheer to you and to each other. Their world has been rocked a bit, too.

    May 2016 bring you more joy and less loss than this year has.

  22. WE AGREE. Please let 2016 be better!! We send you hugs and comforting purrs and the hope that you are warmed by beautiful memories of Sierra. We are so very sorry for your loss.

  23. Dear Deb,

    A Happy, Healthy and Sparkling New Year to you, your loved ones and to your sweet cats!

    Madelief x

  24. So jealous of your birdies!! I don't seem to have s many this year! the suet sounds great...must pick up the ingredients..
    Your flowers are gorgeous...don't they just make you feel happy inside!
    Sun is shining...Miss V napping...all is good
    Enjoy your day..
    Linda :o)

  25. Just now meeting you and at a time of such loss of sweet Sierra - oh how I would have loved to meet her as the Postman did. She reminds me of our family's cat Kitty who loved taking walks with my Dad. Thank you for sharing Sierra with us Purrz and Prayerz, Katie and the Katz.

  26. I stumbled upon your page and it made for interesting reading. My condolences on your loss of your four legged furry family member. At least she knew she was loved when she was with you.