Monday, January 18, 2016

Spoiling those birds.

As soon as the sun came out this morning it was bedlam at the feeders. The nyger seed bag was very busy with finches. Of course, as soon as I went out they scattered.
There were blue-jays, chickadees, juncos, cardinals, sparrows, finch,downy woodpeckers, nuthatch, starlings and black crows.
And squirrels.

Caught this guy leaving with a peanut.

I had purchased a new seed from our local Feed & Seed shop, their deluxe mix, and they went crazy for it.
Fun to watch.
After my walk on this frigid morning I had a craft to do.

                                                     Windy and cold but ok without a hat.
                                                           -12C early this morning
                                                         I'm just a tough Canadian. ;-) 

  I'm not a crafty person but every once in awhile I like to try something that catches my eye. A bird seed wreath did just that. 
Here's the instructions...
I had everything but the cranberries so I improvised and cut up some apple. Next time I'll add the pretty red cranberries.
My feeling is that the birds won't hold it against me.

Here it is as it goes into the fridge over-night.
I'll surprise them tomorrow.

"Hey, spoil me for a change".
                                She loves her Pure Bites freeze-dried chicken breast cat treats.

I love the white lights in my cupboard. It all helps with these cold, wintry evenings.

wooden family of foxes.

I'm heading out early to do some serious shopping with Jess & Gwynn.
And, lunch is in the plans, too.
Mommy said to Gwynn yesterday, "do you want to meet Nan for shopping and lunch tomorrow?"
She came back with a booming "YES! and Gary, too.
That's the retired-guy. :)) She's two. haha!

Enjoy your day.
hugs, Deb


  1. That Gwynn is a doll. cute.

    Love the seed wreath....I saw one this week on Pinterest and thought it was so neat!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the birds enjoying the home-made wreath!

  3. Morning Deb....
    Pretty cold here too...
    You are a true that!
    Made your blueberry muffin recipe...
    Swapped the milk for buttermilk, and baked in a loaf pan...
    Absolutely mouthwatering! Thanks!
    I am sure those birds will love that wreath!
    Have a great day....
    Linda :o)

  4. Enjoy your outing with your sweet grand baby today, Deb!! I might just have to make that birdseed wreath!

  5. Have fun on your shopping trip with lunch. Love the wreath. I had doves "knocking" at the back door this morning looking for their handout.
    Stay warm! Hugs and Purrs....

  6. Well-fed birds - and kitties too I'm sure!
    Stay warm dear Canadian lady - I'm digging out my woollies today as it's turned very cold here!
    Love the lights twinkling in the cupboard - and the cute foxes.
    Hugs - Mary

  7. Really like the lights in the cupboard; I've thought about stringing some in the hallway but cannot yet figure out how to do it without a power cord hanging down. There must be a way, 'cause the soft glow from the lights is so wonderful.

  8. I love that wreath. I'll have to check that one out. I'm due for a trip to the seed store this week. They're eating like crazy critters. So cold here today, though, only a few have come. I think the rest are headed for Florida!

  9. I love the birds and their special treats! Oh our little one's are so special, enjoy lunch and shopping!

  10. Isn't it wonderful to have all the birdies at the feeders enjoying it all , I was just out to with Miggs form our walk and then filling up the feeders . It is-12C but the winds are making it feel like -18C but at least the sun is shining so that's a good thing for us all down here lol ! My your birdies are spoiled lol I think that's great I cant put to much different foods out for them cause all the other wild animals from the forest would be in our yard to much lol ! Lovely photos . Sounds like fun lunch out and day of shopping . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. Oh, I think Audrey gets spoiled plenty.

  12. You look as cute and cuddled up in your garments as a kitty! The seed wreath is so beautiful, but we both know it will be devoured in no time at all, alas. Just like an ice sculpture, here today, gone tomorrow. Snooping in your cupboards, I see my favorite mustard colored bowls and cups, I have some very similar which we purchased from our now defunct Pier 1 imports.

  13. I know you will have fun shopping tomorrow especially if little Gwynn is coming too. You are so smart! I still have not made a suet cake yet from your recipe!

  14. Your posts always make me smile!! Love that scarf too!

  15. What agreat assortment of birds you've attracted. Whatever your food blend, you've got it just right.
    Isn't little Gwynn too adorable! Love her!