Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First to the feeder & a favorite photo

The first to the feeders each morning are the Mourning Doves. 

They come down from their fir tree branches where they try to stay warm all night, it is bitterly cold here now, and clean up all that has fallen from the feeders on to the ground. They don't feed from the feeder itself. That is why I fill one of the bird baths with seed for them as they happily jump in and feast. I have a heater with water in the other. It all works tickety-boo. (as my mother would have said. ;-)
These two are waiting for the grandittles to visit.
Annie waits for my attention.
She has the daintiest feet.

It's been a few years now but this was a favorite photo of some of the men in my life. It was taken on a cold winter's day at a maple sugar shack after a breakfast of pancakes and, of course, real maple syrup and a long hike around the property.

The retired-guy, sil Mike and son John. (Bradley's daddy)
That's little Bradley in the sled.
              It seems all men can nap anywhere after a satisfying meal.

If it is winter where you are, hope you are staying cozy warm. If cool.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the Mourning Doves. That pic of the men in your life is so cute! Stay warm.


  2. I love your photos of birdies and, of course, Annie is beautiful.

  3. Oh I love the mourning dove - so round and fluffy; obviously keeps itself warm like this. Your Annie is so pretty. And the men: OMW What a precious picture. Thanks for sharing, Jo

  4. That last photo is brilliant!
    HeHe! What could be better after pancakes and
    maple syrup that forty winks...even stood up!
    Though Bradley has the right idea! :).

    And Annie with her dainty feet...They go with her
    dainty face! Bless!x
    " have'nt said anything about the BIG fat,
    plump dove"? "No! thought better of it". :>).

  5. We love todays photos to. So cute.

  6. Lovely photos ! Our Doves have seemed to of disappeared . I do love watching all the birdies at my feeders and the first thing I do when I come down stairs in the mornings is look out my kitchen sliding door at the feeders and make sure all is good then tend to my girls in the house lol ! Then I go out and brush any snow that has stuck to the feeders and fill them up if need be . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day and stay cozy .

  7. Love the image of your boys. Annie is such a pretty little Peach. Stay warm!

  8. Bradley was probably the busiest...

  9. Great pics... as usual, Deb. I have a favorite pic of 'the men' taken years ago too. Maybe I'll post it one day. And that fox doll is really cute.

  10. I can see why that's a favorite! Sure made me smile!

    Got to refill the feeder today -- which means boots in the snow!

  11. A breakfast like that would make one sleepy.

  12. Cute picture of your guys! I'll bet breakfast was great. Deb I second guessed my choices on treatment for my Bitty. The thing we need to remember is we gave them a good life and they gave us so much love in return. I do believe God has a plan even for our pets. Hugs!

  13. That's a pretty great pic of the sleeping guys! haha! I love to hear about your wildlife adventures and exotic (to me) weather. But now I think I'm craving pancakes! Happy day to you!

  14. Deb, that pic. of Audrey at 2 months looks so much like a lion cub! SO cute. Her antics and what you have her saying crack me up every time! Cat personalities are so distinct to them, don't you agree! Hugs from Nebraska ><>