Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday's Critters

Today I'd like to introduce you to my grand-pets.

We'll start with the ever-gorgeous Rae-Rae

and her side-kick, Joe

who belong to my youngest daughter.

And, they live with 
one spoiled dog.

And there is Ruby
who just happens to be Audrey's sibling and she
shares a loving home with Hugo

They live with my oldest daughter and family.

And last but not least I introduce you to the charming duo of Cooper & Ozzie.

They own my son and his family.

So, the apple does not fall far from the tree.
Our family love their hairy ones.
They are all happy, healthy well-loved critters who we adore.

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hugs, Deb


  1. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
    Hang on...1~2~3~4~5~6~~Oh! One more..
    Ah! (7)...!x
    And a BIG Ah! For Audrey!x Where ever
    she is...Audrey!x Wake Up!!! :>).

  2. Hello Deb, your grand furbabies are all adorable. I can tell they are loved. Wonderful collection of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  3. What a blessing to have those beautiful grand-pets!
    Have a great day!

  4. They are all wonderful! Gorgeous pets!

  5. And they all are beautiful! I just knew when I saw those eyes, that Ruby had to be kin to Audrey. And, Hugo! Doesn't that name just suit him. I love them all!

  6. Oh, I love seeing your extended furry family! Hugo could be a twin brother to our Sampson. How true that you described them as owning your son and family! -Jenn

  7. Hello!:) I loved seeing all the lovely photos of your furry family members. They all have such beautiful eyes.

  8. Rae-Rae is GORGEOUS! I really miss having a cat, and I've always said that if I ever did get another cat it's going to be prissy and feminine and fluffy just like that.

  9. Calling by from Saturday Critter's meme, lovely to be able to share family pets.

  10. So sweet! No pets for my girls. Sara is allergic and Ashleigh travels too much. They do love my Charlie though.

  11. They're all so beautiful and look so happy. Ruby has the same expressive type face as Audrey!
    Wouldn't it be interesting to know what their dad looked like?
    Joe is such a doll.

  12. I love this post - the apple, I mean kitty, certainly doesn't fall far as you said - and all your offspring must be loving toward their beautiful pets just like you guys. Audrey's sis Ruby looks very similar to her - gorgeous eyes!
    Mary -

  13. All so very lovely looking to ! All our family has pets of cats and dogs it seems to run in the family doesn't it . we all love our fur babies ! Lovely photos . It has been a wonderfully sunny day with bright blue clear sky's not one cloud in sight ! I love how the sun sets are getting later and the sunrises are getting earlier . Thanks for sharing , have a good evening !

  14. What absolutely wonderful photos and pets (and family). I could not even pick a favorite. It's wonderful when our kids love and respect animals the same as we do. I was recently asked if my house was on fire and I had five minutes to get retrieve belongings, what would I pick. No question - my animals. That's what is important to me.

  15. Cooper and Ozzie bear a strong resemblance to Stimpy and Gypsy! All gorgeous and what terrific photos! I'm so glad you were able to pass your love of animals to the next generation!

  16. Beautiful pets!
    None here anymore....between my kids there are 2 dogs and 9 cats!
    Enjoy your evening!
    Linda :o)

  17. Yes Deb , the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, my daughter and grandchildren are the same, animal-lovers to the core, it makes me smile :)
    Beautiful fur babies and children :)

  18. How on earth do you get such wonderful photos of all your family critters?

  19. Before I read the caption for Ruby, I thought, "she looks like Annie". No wonder! All of these cats are beautiful!