Friday, January 15, 2016

Adding some cheer

I've been busier than a one-eyed cat watching two mouse holes.

                                                "Sadly, she's ready for the loony-bin."

There's no end to fixin' up the mouse-house while we plan for a 'real' house to be built. A few additions were made to the teeny-weeny kitchen and I'll show that to you soon.

I've been going over our plans, shopping, cleaning, having tea with a neighbour (loved that :) and making the home-front as cheery as I can for the winter days ahead.
I found a  beautiful blog that inspired me to not put away all the tiny white lights from Christmas and to enjoy them all winter long. 
Did I tell you this cupboard has a bread cutting board?

Now, my step-back cupboard smiles back at me as I enjoy it's prettiness.
"Thank you Liz from your inspiration."

It snowed yesterday; the kind of big fluffy snowflakes that have a calming effect. The sun shone and made the day very pleasant.

Today, I'm back from my one-hour walk and it's cold as blazes out there.
Just me...
and the turkeys out there today.

Have a great day.
hugs, Deb


  1. I love that sweet face :)
    The little fairy lights make the cupboard warm and cozy all year through, what a lovely idea.
    Your cupboard is a beautiful example of craftsmanship, I'm sure it will be the center of your new home.
    You're a brave soul walking out there in that blustery cold.

  2. Brrr! Stay warm! Love the lights in the cupboard! What a great idea!

  3. I've been trying to find a way to keep out the lights all year. A lovely idea.
    Keep toasty!
    Ear scritches to that Audrey girl!

  4. The lights in the cupboard are just lovely. What a great idea. I may have to borrow that myself.

  5. Wow - love that pull out bread cutting board - brilliant!
    Thanks for the mention.

  6. Audrey might be on the phone to the loony bin.

  7. That's very cheery with the little lights. It must look nice in the evening. Those turkeys are a hoot. Can you get very close to them? -Jenn

    1. I really don't want to, Jenn, as the males can be very protective. *eeeeeeeek*

  8. Oh my goodness! I got a chill when I saw how cold it looks where you are walking. Those little lights are just perfect! I love the warm glow. Only that Audrey could make a face like that! I could just squeeze her, and beautiful Annie too.

  9. I swear...I have never seen a cat with such a face!! Love her!
    I have mini lights in my living room window sill...on a timer all it!And in my thelook of lights! So cheery...great idea!
    Enjoy the weekend...
    Linda :o)

  10. I love Audrey's expression - priceless! And I love the warm effect those lights have in your cupboard. The snow is so beautiful, but you sure were brave to take a 1-hour walk in that cold!

  11. I leave lights in the cabinet all year long. Don't always turn them on but they look so pretty when I do! Yours is just beautiful. Love the soft yellow china!

  12. What a great picture of Audrey! Audacious indeed!

    Your cabinet is so pretty

    I would love to know how you keep your hands warm on a one-hour walk in the cold. I wear gloves but after about 20 minutes or so they become so painful I have to practically run home.

  13. I love your little hutch and how you decorate it with different dishes and such very pretty and cheery !Lovely photos . Audrey your a hoot lol ! It has been mild here today +6 and it is now pouring rain will be for the rest of the night I guess the snow we got will be gone soon already seeing green . Thanks for sharing , have a good evening and weekend !

  14. Looks so cold!! Brrrrrr. I love the lights in your cupboard. So pretty, that is a great way to keep some lights after the holidays. Oh Audrey, your face is one in a million.

  15. The step-back looks awesome! We also leave up our "winter lights" until the evenings start becoming light much later in a couple of months! It is very helpful to make a cozy feeling! Enjoy.

    Those girls look so cute! Thanks!


  16. hope you get a moment to relax without the turkeys!

  17. Love that cupboard....that is so nice! The fairy lights are so sweet and magical!

  18. I always love seeing what you have decorated your sweet little cupboard with. I have a set of butter yellow dishes very similar to yours & it has become my favorite color. Your post has inspired me to take them out of the cupboard where they are hidden away & make room for them in my china hutch which has glass doors & lights so I can enjoy them each time I walk by & brighten up our often dreary winter days. I think using some clear twinkle lights is a great way to give a soft glow to otherwise darker areas of our homes. I used to change up the decor all over my house, but I have gotten in a rut this year & need to start moving things around again. I love getting a whole new look without spending any money.
    Here in Portland, the birds have plenty to eat even in winter unless it snows or we have freezing rain, but I do have a nectar feeder for the families of hummingbirds that live around my house. Last week I got so busy that I forgot to clean & refill their feeders. As soon as the head hummingbird spotted me through the window it came as close as it could get & started yelling at me about the poor food service lately. Of course, I dropped everything to get them a clean feeder & fresh nectar. I won't forget about filling it anytime soon. There are some very bossy creatures out there, but you gotta love them.

    Keep warm & keep on decorating the Mouse House.

  19. Your cupboard looks so pretty all lit up like that!

  20. I love your little windowsill collections. I can't keep anything on the windowsills anymore (damn cats!)

  21. I miss my one hour walks - I really need to get back in that mindset!!