Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Feeding the hungry.

The weekend flew by. 
We are in the middle of improvements to the teeny-weeny mouse-house kitchen and when they are done I'll be much happier. I'm not one for chaotic surroundings but I finally found some tile I liked and have put the retired-guy to work on the counter. And, he added a few corner shelves for me.

It's pretty active at the feeders with the cold weather upon us.
Last night we were in a deep-freeze, -30C with the wind-chill.  Geesh!
This is when I really worry about the feral cats and all the other wild-life out in the elements.
The ferals that I fed where I used to live are still being cared for by a very kind lady in that area. She keeps them in dry food for the winter and I, too, put food down for them twice a week.
Today was one of those days.
There are tracks but no one ever sees them.
There could be one, there could be ten.
And as long as there are tracks they will be fed.

They all need help.

I hope the birds enjoy my hand-made seed wreath.
I hung it right over the old pump where Simon is snoozin' away.
He would have loved a go at this.
I haven't seen him since Christmas day.
"Sleep well, little fella."

I give it three minutes before the squirrels find this and they may provide some amusing photo opportunities.
I know the chickadees will spot it first though because, well, they are just the most delightful & wise little bird ever.

I hope you are staying warm.
Hot tea, honey & a muffin might help.
Or two. ;-)
hugs, Deb



  1. I know the seed wreath is for them to eat but it's so pretty!!!

  2. That certainly will be popular with the little critters!

  3. I read this post and made myself a cup of HOT tea!

  4. That seed wreath is so pretty as well as a good treat for the birds! Glad the mouse house is getting some new tile and shelves! Make each little space work!

  5. Oh, tooooo cold! So kind of you to feed the wild things and feral cats. I love your wreath - hope you get some good photos! x Karen

  6. I enjoy your blog soooo much. You are so good to the birds and squirrels to say nothing of Simon! And, of course, I enjoy keeping up with your cats as well.
    Farm Gal in Virginia (where we are going to have snow soon and already have COLD temperatures.)

  7. My heart always feels lighter after reading about the kind souls who are watching out for homeless felines.
    Ear scritches to Audry and Annie =)

  8. It's rather cold over here to...
    Snow up north, and snow around London
    last weekend. But, dry, that's the main
    thing, though rain forecast this weekend!

    It sounds as if one person is in the best
    place..Simon!x Bless! Hope he's keeping
    his 'nuts' warm..! :).

  9. Thank you Deb, for taking care of the lost little creatures. That little squirrel peeking out behind the red wreath is precious. I know some don't care for the squirrels, but I just love to see them. They travel the wires above our house and I just wonder how they can go so fast and don't fall off..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  10. Hand made wreath looks fabulous! Almost too good for the birds to eat!

  11. The ferals break my heart. They desperately need food to maintain any body warmth. I hope they are getting the food and not the crows or Hawks or other large birds that have a larger area in which to find food.
    The wreath came out beautifully. Please let us know which birds like it

  12. We have so many feral kitties outside that I feed that the birds aren't quite as plentiful as in years past. We do keep 3 feeders going, but not quite filled as the deer come up at night and help themselves. The rascals. I'm going to have to find feeders that they can't get to the seed so easily. I love the wreath and I know the birds will love it, too!

  13. I bet that feed wreath wont be there long as all your birdies and critters will go hog wild on it lol ! Great idea it is to ! We to have many feral cats and quite a few neighbors feed them and they have plenty of shelter here as well so they do well considering . It hasn't been that cold down here but cold enough , I like cups of tea and a sweet treat to warm the soul always soo comforting for this time of year ! It is snowing well more of a sleet here this afternoon and the birds are feasting like mad at the feeders . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  14. I hope you get some good pix of the birds when they discover your beautiful wreath!

  15. LOVE the seed wreath! We've always set out food for any little stray that happens by, ones we usually catch in the blink of an eye. You have a nice place here!

  16. You are so kind to go back and make sure the ferals are being cared for. They have such a hard life and you have made it a little easier with your generosity.