Monday, January 11, 2016

Brrr...time to dress warmer and fatten up the song-birds.

Last week, I planted a big pot of cat grass for the girls.

And it grew quicker than their sharp little claws.
Annie couldn't wait any longer so she had a go at it. 

I like them to taste grass without having to be out-door cats.
I let my cats have only a very small amount at a time. A few bites and then it's put away for the day.

The feeders have been especially busy with the cold weather and the addition of a Nyger seed bag. Also, they are lovin' the home-made suet.
Nyger seed will bring more chickadees, finches & nuthatch to your feeders.
I love to watch them fill their tummies.



A throw-back photo...

Our sweet Sierra posing with her basil plant.

Are you staying warm these days?
Temperatures have plummeted here and we are now experiencing a normal Ontario winter.

It's time to pull out the hats, warm mittens, extra thick socks and cozy scarves.
I'm already dreaming of spring.
Stay Warm.
hugs, Deb


  1. The photos of Sierra have been so nice to see. I hope you will continue to post more. She was so pretty and looks so different in color and features from one photo to another.

    My kitties have always done well with Wheat Grass but not mixed seeds with other grains included -just in case someone doesn't keep it down well. I buy a big bag of human quality of wheat grass seed on Amazon and it lasts for a long time!

    I hope you are keeping snug up there!


  2. It is good to see Sierra. Annie's face is priceless.

  3. Yup. We just turned our lovely green winter into a frigid white world. Lizzie's birds are going nuts with all the food at the feeder; the ground is no longer an option. I don't mind keeping them happy. Not for a second.

  4. It's not easy to stay warm in a house that is 120 years old, but, that is what cats are for...right? There are 2 in my lap right now.

  5. Do stay warm. My mother plants this grass for her cats and they love it. :)

  6. Yes thanks Deb - we are staying real warm ... sweltering in fact. I am sitting typing this with the fan going on me. I need to go outside & water but will wait til its a little cooler. I adore that photo of Sierra with her basil plant, your photography is wonderful.

  7. I feel just like a song bird - fattened up since Christmas, haha! I did gain a pound or two and will try to start working it off if the weather stays dry this week.
    Our grass is very green right now - bet your kitties would love it - but I know it's long trip to get here! Our birds are so hungry now it's colder - they would have much more food if those darned squirrels would get going and not come back.

    Loved your comment about handy husbands - yours not mine!!! You have a keeper that's for sure Deb - me too even though he can't put a nail in the wall!

    Hugs - stay warm.
    Mary -

  8. Wow you can tell annie is enjoying her treat!!

  9. Dear Deb, I always love the way you look after everything & everyone. It's so sweet =^x^=

  10. It was a lucky day for critters great and small when you moved into the mouse house. How can you tell when or if to leave food out for Simon?

    1. Hi Kari - I can see Simon appear from my kitchen window. If he was up he would be out at the old pump running around and joining the squirrels at the bottom of the feeders. He's not afraid of anything. I do believe he is in slumberland right now and should stay put. It is -8 this morning.

    2. Thanks. Like most of your readers, we've come to care about the little fellow. Worry about him too!

  11. Oh yes...stay warm please! What a sheer blessing you are to the feathered friends who must endure winter months. Oh, look at this darling picture of lovely in the sun puddle...blessings to you Deb!

  12. Still in a snow storm here to yup more like our usual Ontario winter now ! The only birds here that eat the thistle / Nyger seed are the finches , Pine Siskins who are of the finch family and the Juncos who are ground feeders all the other birds eat the suet's , wild seed or oiled sunflower seeds and they are feasting like mad in this snow storm this morning . I tryed cat grass for our Harley but she tends to throw it up all the time so I stopped ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good day and stay safe and cozy .

  13. Your cats must be dainty nibblers. I've always had to clip off servings for my cats. Otherwise, they pull the grass out of the soil :(

  14. Yup...snow flying here today!!
    I still keep seeing huge flocks of Starlings...hmmmm
    No Doves for me...wonder why??
    Love your photos...
    enjoy your day!
    Linda :o)

  15. I am also dreaming of spring! And yet it feels as if winter has just begun since it got off to such a late start!