Thursday, January 28, 2016

Making the best of dreary.

The weather has been dreary with snowflakes falling much of the day.
But, it is winter after-all.

So what goes on here on a dreary day?
The Pileated Wood-pecker paid us a visit early this morning.

You can see his size better here.
 Man, does he love suet.
He can take out a cake in minutes.
Good thing there's lots more in the freezer.
My chickadees have to fill up before this suet-monster arrives.

I grab a few hugs while I can.
Mommy's girl
as I call her...
my little bundle of ferociousness.

I think I can hear her count backwards from five... and then she goes nuts.
( but she secretly enjoys the attention)

And lunch at our local tea-room.

I'm not quite the glutton our wood-pecker is. 
I shared that ginormous veggie omelette. ;-)

Hope you have some sun today.
But, if not, make the best of it. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Wow, Deb, you got some great photos of the woodpecker!! I finally got my first woodpecker on my suet this morning although she didn't stick around for a photo. I think it was a Downy but not certain - every time she saw my movement near the window she flew back to the nearest tree!

  2. Sounds like Lizzie! "I will let her hold me for --- five, four, three, two, one. OK. Done!"

    Loving that suet!

  3. The little bundle of ferociousness really does look like she's counting down from five!

  4. wowza....that is some omelet!!!! Looks delicious.

    1. It's an omelette for two, that's for sure. It was scrumptious. :)

  5. just caught up, my, my, Audrey is a funny cat!
    loved meeting your grand pets too, so glad your children are cat lovers too, 2 of mine are, the son doesn't have any pets (yet)
    your blog always makes me happy
    thanx for sharing

  6. Your Audrey is just precious. My Abby was like that when she was younger but she has sweetened with age.

  7. Amazing photos of that woodpecker. I have never seen one in real life.

    Your Audrey looks like she's saying, "Put me down NOW!" That would be my Snowy. She loves petting but hates to be held.

  8. Hi Deb,

    Well, I think you managed to make dreary quite delightful! I believe your little bundle of ferociousness is quite comfy nestled nicely in your hugs. So glad you got a chance to enjoy a tasty lunch at your local tea room, too! It looks very cozy, especially, on a dreary day!

    Have a wonderful weekend! It`s snowing snowflakes here, as we speak...


  9. That's awesome the Pilated woodpecker likes to feast at your feeders most of them stay deep in the forest here ans wont come out to the yard I guess cause Miggs is out there most days ! Audrey facial expressions really does look like she says these things what a funny kitty ! Lovely photos . It has been snowing gently here on and off and leaves just a dusting the ground here is still warm then the sun comes out for a but and the snow is gone then another batch of snow falls and so on and so on lol ! Warm temps sun and rain for the weekend here . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  10. Ha! Audrey's like my Cammie in that regard. She is much better about being picked up than she used to be, but she tolerates it, doesn't like it. But I like that she lets me hold her almost without complaint now, so she'll get more of it.

    And dreary is a good time to stay indoors, cosy and warm.

  11. Wow, that woodpecker is huge! I hear them pecking 'way up in the neighbor's tree, but I cannot see them. If I stand in the front year with binoculars, I'm thinking someone may call the cops, so I keep my woodpecker spotting to myself. Audrey is just so adorable, even with that 'put me down!' look on her face.


  12. Loved the photo of you and Liittle Miss Ferociousness. It's precious!