Friday, January 8, 2016

A+ from Dr. Ann


I've been beating myself up wondering if there was anything we could have done different regarding Sierra's diagnosed disease. Both vets were unable to put a finger on what may have caused bone cancer in her jaw. Was it the food, vaccines, or is it genetic? Her teeth were good and the possibility of  infection was ruled out. We fed her Wellness chicken soft with Performatrin Chicken dry. She ate very little dry and lived mostly on soft food and a bit of meat cut up from our dinner. She loved beef, chicken, fish and she always looked forward to her little bit of milk in the morning just since we moved to the mouse-house. I suppose since she was an indoor/outdoor cat that she may have feasted on a little critter or two. I never liked to think about that.
But cancer is cancer and I'll never really know what caused it.

It's all about keeping my two cats as healthy as can be. Annie has just been to the vet for a thorough check-up. All is good with my little Peach. She has lost a whole pound since this time last year and that's a good thing. Her new food, Royal Canin Digest has been keeping her healthy. And, she loves it. So, she's happy, too.
Her eye is not a concern at this time. Her coat looked good and she got an A+ from Dr. Ann even though she did her best to make the examination difficult by rolling into a ball that resembled a lovely french loaf.
I came home very happy.

This was the very first time Audrey had EVER been left alone in four years. I worried that she would realize we had left, look for us or her mom and then panic. No telling what would happen then. :-(
Well, when we returned she had emptied out the toy box and placed them all over the mouse-house. They were piled high in the kitchen and Kane's blanket was covered.
She met us at the top of the stairs and not a thing was flung at us so I presume she was happy at our return. I'm guessing she did panic just a bit and threw toys around in her fit of despair. OR...she just partied awhile. She's not talkin'.

Sierra - taken two years ago. She was looking at our Christmas table tree thinking it wasn't even worth her energy to climb. :)

Wishing you a peaceful evening.
hugs, Deb


  1. So glad Annie got an A+!! I wonder if I'm doing all I can to keep Charlie well as long as I can. I think I am. He is eating Wellness Chicken soft food and sensitive stomach dry food. He has lost lots of weight but my Vet says an aging cat can lose their appetite. Anyway, I think he is doing OK and I've whispered in his ear to try to stay awhile as I don't know if another loss is something I can handle right now.

  2. Please don't further your grief by beating yourself up. No one knows about cancer. We can fly men to the moon but seems no one can/or will figure out cancer. I'm not altogether sure some of it isn't due to pharmaceutical companies, which make a fortune off of it. But that's another story. You are grieving. But please be good to yourself. That Audrey cracks me up. She's such a character. How on earth did you manage to have someone with her for four years???

    1. HI Brenda - usually she has her mom, Annie with her. This was the first time in four years she has been left alone as Annie had to go to the vet today. I think she had fun, though. lol

    2. Previously, we would take them together for check-ups.

  3. Sometimes all you can do is love ....
    Happy that Annie passed her annual.
    Teddy passed his ultrasound, one every 6 months to check on his heart .. stable!
    We send you purrs and hugs ...

  4. Lovely photos . Good to hear all are well . It is just the way nature is no matter what we do it is what it is really but know this that she was very loved and had a happy life and that's what counts . Have a good weekend !

  5. I can picture Audrey keeping herself busy by scattering her toys around. Annie has the cutest little turned up nose. I am sure Sierra had the BEST of care and there was no way you could have prevented her from getting cancer. Your animals know they are loved, that's for sure.

  6. Deb, you are the best pet parent I know! If anything would happen to me, I would rest easy if my furbabies ended up with someone like you. Sierra needed someone special to be her caretakers and luckily she found you. Hugs,Mary

  7. I have a feeling Audrey partied! haha.

    Glad Annie was fit and healthy! Sigh of relief!

  8. Oh, that is wonderful news about Sweet Annie! I pray for her eye when I see the color in it. (We had one who had that for her lifetime and was never bothered by it. I pray the same for her!)

    I think maybe AA had a real party without anyone there to hold her back! lol! Funny!

    I have also wondered what we could have done to prevent cancer for two of our kitties. I think we all do that. You fed her a great diet, had good Vet. care and loved her well. It is the most you could have done. Bless you.

    Love and more prayers for you all,

  9. Both of your photos today are absolutely exquisite! You have an extraordinary ability to photograph cats.
    I have my own theory about cats and their illnesses and illnesses in general. I believe that increased environmental toxins may be a part of the cause. Floor cleaners, chemically treated carpets, paints, insulation that give off fumes, formaldehyde in all sorts of things, furniture polishes. ( lemon oils contain petroleum distillates) Cats are at particular risk because they wash themselves. They come in contact with all sorts of chemicals, get it on their fur and then lick it all off ( self groom). I struggle with this whenever I use a commercial cleaning product.

  10. i stopped feeding dry food to my cats years ago, when i discovered it was no good for them, wish i knew it a lot earlier. i only feed fresh mince now & don't worry too much about the little one catching hares or rats & mice, as they need the natural taurine that isn't in the commercial foods.
    glad Annie got a good report, poor Audrey must've panicked a bit by the sounds of the toys everywhere, of suddenly being alone. glad she is okay too.
    thanx for sharing

  11. Good to hear Annie did well and is healthy.
    We think Audrey had some fun, but was happy to see you back ;)
    Who knows where cancer comes from.Be kind to yourself and know Sierra was happy living with you.
    Nancy and the Kitties

  12. Deb, so happy to hear the Dr Ann gave Sierra an A+. Whenever we loose a loved one we always wonder what we could have done differently.The answer is always the same nothing. I believe a lot of diseases are hereditary. All ours were fed the best food possible and never lived more than 15yr. Some are fed the cheapest/poorest quality food and live in horrible conditions and live for 20 yrs. Lifes not fair. Hug the kitties.
    Deb (Rosie posie)

  13. Glad to hear that sweet Annie has been given a clean bill of health - it's always nerve wracking going to the vet, not knowing what they may find!

  14. We can't know where it comes from. What matters is that Sierra was well treated with you.

  15. When is Audrey's turn with Dr Ann?
    Great news about Annie....
    Oh...I do believe Audrey was having a wing ding while you were out!
    Enjoy your Saturday...
    Linda :o)

  16. Well done Annie, and such a beautiful kitty.
    When we lost our little orange cat Lilly, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and was only five years old. I beat myself up, wondering if her cat food had something to do with it, but she was an indoor/outdoor cat and who knows what she had been exposed to over the years.
    Sierra had a loving home, she died knowing she was loved.
    I can see Audrey having herself a little wild party whilst you were gone, sometimes I wish I had a game cam on my two :)

  17. Deb, please don't beat yourself up about what you could have done. As you said, cancer is cancer and who knows? It could have been in her DNA like it may (hopefully not) be in ours. You are a fabulous cat mom and I know you have good vets. Please don't torture yourself on this -- you gave your lovely girl a lovely life.

    Funny about Audrey and the toys? New/different behavior? Sounds like she was on a roll! Wonder what will happen the next time she's "Home Alone!" (Ack!)

  18. Please don't blame yourself about Sierra's cancer. Nobody really knows how to guard against it. You gave Sierra a wonderful life and tons of love, and she knew it. You couldn't have done more.

  19. Cancer seems to come when it wants, the evil thing. People and animals who live healthy lives, doing nothing to endanger themselves, get cancer. It's the unpredictability that makes it so frightening. Sierra could not have received better care.

  20. Love the picture of Sierra.
    Cancer just sucks... you do what you can to prevent these things, but in the end, I think that disease is very much a crap-shoot. :( Hugs.