Sunday, January 24, 2016

Around the mouse-house today.

We've had days and days of sun-shine. Oh, it's cold but when the sun shines bright you barely notice the temperatures. The flowers and cats are soaking it up at the dining-corner window.

The birds have been partying at the feeders. They need their feeders filled every second day now as they try to keep their weight up over the cold winter. I'm mostly seeing chickadees, blue-jays, downy wood-peckers, mourning doves, sparrows, starlings & crows.

The retired-guy and I have been a bit under the weather with a chest cold which tends to keep us home more. That being said, more improvements are being made at the mouse-house. You can't sit around and do nothing all day.

Well, maybe some of us can.

My African Violets were getting a little too hairy, if you know what I mean, so it was time to find them a new spot.
I had seen this idea on a beautiful blog
so a rustic piece of pine was installed in the window to give my plants 'a lift.'
This will work great.

And, I'm thinking Audrey will be happy with the top of the fridge and not need to soar through the air to this window shelf. 
It's a crapshoot, really :-b

"Thanks Robin for sharing your great ideas."

Drop over and meet Robin. Her home is so, so beautiful and full of charm.

I hope you have a great day, 


  1. The Mouse House is SO charming...lovely sunlight! Stay warm!!!

  2. Your "life" is a fabulous idea! And I love violets -- they remind me of my mom and dad but I never have the same luck! Great spot for them! Happy weekend!

  3. Yes! All looks lovely...
    As l've said before, l don't do cut flowers!
    "Every flower is a soul, blossoming in nature,
    please don't take their life by plucking them".
    (Lessons Taught by Life).

    Though..Two plants that would look good on your
    pine shelf...1) A variegated ivy..were the shoots/leaves
    would hang downwards..and possibly...2) 'Chlorophytum
    comosum'...The Spider plant..Both of these in full growth
    would give a nice display, of green/white..!

  4. Beautiful plants! Mine get a little hairy sometimes also. Charlie is basking in the sun this morning. He seems to be doing a bit better and that makes this kitty mama very happy. Stay warm and hope Audrey is content with the top of the fridge!

  5. LOVE the new place for the flowers. What a great idea and it looks perfect. I do wonder if I'll be seeing a photo of Audrey sitting atop that shelf with them. haha

    I made your blueberry muffin recipe and posted about it. The muffins are great. The last time I made them I used self-rising flour and it just didn't work. This time, I paid attention. :-) Thank you for a great recipe!

  6. Sorry to hear you are both sick hope you get better soon . Lovely photos . My violets are on little shelves Papa built for me on each side of my window but Harley has never bothered with them and she really doesn't bother to jump up on things other then her scratch post shelf lol ! The sun has disappeared here today but all this past week it has been lovely and sunny ! Yup our birdies are feasting like mad at out feeders to I love watching them . Thanks for sharing have a good day !

  7. Okay, I'm waiting with breath held to see if the new shelf survives. Get well soon!

  8. Hi Deb Our cars sleep all day and every day. Love the idea of your African Violet new spot. I'll pop over to visit Robin now. Keep warm and safe. Jo

  9. The mouse house is adorable and the rustic shelf is perfect! I'm wondering if Poppy and I both come down with a cold, could we get some things done in the house. For sure, no! I can't stop laughing at what you said about Audrey. I can picture her trying it. Hope you both feel better real soon. Now I want a shelf and some cute plants.

  10. From the cats' point of view, all that napping they do is productive time well spent.

  11. I can just see Audrey trying her hardest to make it up to that shelf and claim it as her own!!

  12. Love the shelf! Yes, I think Audrey may be tempted to explore it... Julie here sure would. Good luck!

  13. The new shelf complements the window perfectly!
    Excellent job. Hope the plants do well. If not , I'm sure a certain kitty would love it.
    Hope you're both feeling better. Lots of fluids to keep you well hydrated and lung congestion more mobile will help.


  14. I love the new plant shelf! It looks just perfect there! Good for you guys!

    I hope your colds are better soon.


  15. That's a great shelf! I know where I'm going to ask The Hubby to put one or two around here.

  16. Hi Deb...great idea for the plants!
    Hope you are feeling better...kinda dreary here...but warming up!
    enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  17. Hi Deb,
    I really like the shelf you hung in front of the window; great idea! Love the shabby white cabinet too. Hope you and your hubby are on the mend soon and thanks for sharing.