Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A bit of randomness at the mouse-house.

Let me just start this post by telling you that I got an email this morning from face-book telling me there were two people that I might like to follow. The first one was called Lip-stickwhore with a picture of a rather sultry-looking woman. I didn't even look at the second one. Where do they get this stuff?  And WHY would I want it???

                                "I had nothin' to do with it."

So, after a second cup of coffee, I headed out to fill the feeders. The chickadees were ready and waiting for breakfast and very chatty.

My pretty seed wreath was pulled apart and destroyed very quickly. I guess it was too delicious to not be devoured by something.
I'll have to blame the squirrels or maybe a raccoon. There are so many tracks to try to identify each morning. I need a little web-cam to know what lurks about after dark.
The next one I make will come inside at night.

I am craving colour these days. This little primrose plant came home with me just to bring some cheer to the mouse-house.
I hope it does well on my new window shelf.

                                                                                 Taken on this dull dark morning.
Thoughts of our Sierra sit heavy on my mind this morning.
I guess I still can't believe that she has left us so soon.

Here is a photo of her from 2012. Sometimes looking at photos help; sometimes not.
Our sweet Sierra used to love to wait for the mailman at our previous home. Every morning she would sit patiently on the railing or across her bench and when he arrived he would be showered with kisses. I kid you not. If he wasn't a cat lover he sure was once he met her. :)
My beautiful tabby girl.
Gone but never forgotten.

I hope your day is going well. 
Hoping for some sun today.

hugs, Deb


  1. I'm so sorry for your recent losses of Kane and Sierra so close together. Seeing how you go thru your days finding bright spots, caring for the birds, making your part of the world and the mouse house lovely, is inspiring and a demonstration of the depth of your love for your animals, here and elsewhere. Thanks for sharing them with us, and for showing us a graceful way to deal with their departure. I know I'm not the only reader who wishes we could lift some of the burden from your heart.

  2. Sultry~looking...mmmmmM! Audrey!x
    HeHe! Bless!
    I know! I think the best invention ever of
    course is the internet..But! But! It has a
    terrible downside...The things that pop up
    on my screen...less said the better! :(.
    Still...As long as there are Blogs like this
    to look at, read, and get involved with, let
    the others carry on...nowt to do with me!!!

    And...come to think of it...I think a postman's
    job is just great, all the friends you can make
    on your delivers...People to! :).

  3. Deb, I am glad you are getting some pleasure from your birds. Nora put it so well in her comment. We do all wish we could ease some of your pain. Know we are all thinking about you.

  4. Good morning Deb...isn't this sucha loely picture of your sweet Sierra....oh how you must miss her. Winter can indeed be depressing with the loss of color....perhaps we all need to have fresh flowers in our kitchens! Big hugs today!

  5. FB would never send anything like that...sounds like spam to me!

  6. It would be such fun to be able to video the goings on in the night garden - I've often thought of trying to rig something up so I can see who's passing through. We had some unusual tracks down the drive from the back garden during the ice/snow recently - I'd love to know who that was - Audrey were you here?
    Sierra was so special - I'm enjoying your sharing the many pix you have of her - she had a lovely mommy who is special too.

    Love, Mary -

  7. Sounds like you could have called the mailman's wife, and told him he was getting a bit of extra lovin' on the side...from Sierra! However, I see Angel looking at The Hubby with eyes filled other word for! So, special bonds are to be enjoyed and nurtured. Betcha that man thinks of Sierra all of the time too! Remember, every time you think of Sierra, and Kane...they are with you. I believe this with my whole being.

  8. Sierra and Kane are both missed by many.

    Spam like that usually ends up in my junk email, not in Facebook.

  9. Deb, we have an outside camera with night vision that we mount out back or out front on occasion. It's amazing how much activity goes on at night. We got ours from National Geographic magazine, but I'm sure they can be found online.

    And I think pictures of our lost loved ones (critters as well as people) do help. They awaken memories that might have been forgotten.

  10. Loving thoughts for your loss. All of us who have gone through this know how much you're missing this beloved family member.

  11. Sometimes I wonder about FB and their "suggestions"!
    Sweet Sierra. What a love heart.

  12. Many sites like to give suggestions. "If you liked this, you might also like..." Firstly, I will make my own choices, thank you. Secondly, just because others like something doesn't mean I will; I don't care about best-seller lists and the like. Thirdly, stop snooping on what I am doing on the internet! Doing anything on the internet is like having the worst neighbours wanting to be your friends.

    On a sweeter note, I'll bet that mailman will continue to tell people of Sierra long into his retirement. He was lucky to know her.

  13. I echo what Nora said so nicely. The grieving process is certainly not linear. Its ebbs and flows can really ambush you. Purrs.

  14. Funny how cats get into certain habits and love some people more than others. My Abby is delighted to see some of my friends and her sitter but will have nothing to do with others.
    Your Sierra sure was a sweetie.

  15. Poor little Sierra - what a sweet kitty to kiss the mailman! I'm so sorry you lost her so soon. xoxo

  16. I have had a few weird things like that on FB I just delete them lol ! Love your new yellow flower , yes it is nice to have colour about this time of year helps take some of the winter BLAHS away ! Lovely photos . I know it is hard to loose any loved ones . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day and hope you get some sunshine as for us snow 1-3cm between tonight and tomorrow through out the day !

  17. Your pretty primerose looks perfect on your shelf. And I still love that shelf! : )

    What a great photo of Sierra. I, too, agree with what Nora has written. I miss Kane and Sierra so often as they were very special to know here in your blog. Blessings to you, Deb.


  18. I can see why thoughts of Sierra would weigh heavily. She's so lovely and left such an imprint on your soul. Such a lot of loss you've had recently. I feel for you.

  19. This year will mark 4 years that my beautiful Siamese girl unexpectedly left me. She was only 4 years old. I am still missing her. I adopted a new Siamese girl and she has carved out her own space in my heart. But the old space still aches. The ache is not as sharp now. And so it will be with you and your Sierra. There might be a new furbaby in the future. Who knows?

  20. Dear Deb, I would like to echo what Nora wrote today. Your blog is my all-time favorite and the things you write and the pictures you post touch my heart so deeply. Please know that you are thought of with such admiration by me and so many others. You tug at my heartstrings--and I love the pics of your kitties. Sierra was so beautiful and I know how your heart longs for her. Love & blessings from Nebraska ><>

  21. Oh, I did get a little laugh from your invitation and almost spit my coffee out when I read the name....It's a new world....It does make your heart heavy when our precious little companions are no longer there to light the day. They really do steal your heart, don't they? Kai keeps finding balls in the yard that we used to throw to Champ, who is gone just a year now. Each time Kai comes trotting over with a new ball in his mouth, my heart gets this little pain right through it. And then I wonder - how much money did we spend on balls? Must have been hundreds! Lol! Sending you hugs xx Karen

  22. Yes to the Primula!
    Sorry you are still aching for Sierra♥️
    Thanks for your kind words at you!
    Enjoy your evening..
    Linda :o)

    1. Oh Linda, I did it again. haha. I am so bad with plant names. PRIMULA. I'll have to write that one on my forehead.

    2. Same family Deb....
      You won't be able to read it, if it is on your forehead!
      Have a great day♥️

  23. The window shelf is such a wonderful idea! It is a lovely way to brighten a space with cheerful plants.Thank you for continuing to lift so many people's spirits even when your heart is heavy.We always look forward to your posts. We fully understand what you mean, some times seeing photos of Isadora our little dog of fifteen years, lost three months ago, cheers us up, other times, it doesn't . We hope that in time, your heart feels less and less heavy.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  24. I know you must miss her terribly. That is such a good picture. She was a beautiful tabby. You make me want to go buy a few small plants. Your are so pretty and I love the new shelf.

  25. the birds are truly enjoying your treats! The lovely flower does brighten things doesn't it,, it makes me think of spring,,
    I am so sorry for your loss, I always wished my cats and dogs would live as long as humans,, they have such a short time to share our lives,,
    I was so glad that you visited me because I had lost you, lol,,

  26. Im just so so sorry you lost Sierra and Kane and so close together too. They are so missed...even by people they did not know! So hard to say goodbye to our beloved furry friends

  27. I'm a middle aged home body Christian who does ads onlne for several cat shelters. Despite my demographics, there is something about my ads that attracts every
    nek-ked young woman in central VA offering me all sorts of activities. The things I've seen responding to my pet adoption ads. Oy vay. Hope this silly plight of mine lifts a small portion of your grief. Warm wishes, Gail

  28. That is how I will always think of Sierra, sitting on her porch, waiting for her friend and his daily visit!