Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Keeping them fed through the wintry weather.

This morning, I watched out the mouse-house kitchen window as the blue-jays and crows competed for what was left over from yesterday's feeding. The feeders were very low and what had been put in the dry bird-bath for the doves was covered in snow. It didn't take long, though, for a dove to work it's way to the seed. As the wind blew, the home-made suet was devoured and the commercial cakes were being attacked by a downy woodpecker, chickadee and nuthatch. The female cardinal flew in to have a share of the thin pickin's.The squirrels ran around in a frenzy grabbing what they could.
Even the path to the feeders was filled in with fresh-fallen snow.
It was time to get out there with the preferred suet and freshen things up. All the feeders needed filling.

There are always lots of Mourning Doves at the feeders.

It's hard to keep birds fed in our winter climate but it is so necessary. Once you start there is no turning back. You have become their caretaker and they depend upon your food.
The difficult part is keeping things dry and easily available to them.

We do have hawks that drop by the property. It was only last fall that I saved Simon from what was sure to be his demise when I saw a hawk sitting in the branches right above his home under the old pump. No doubt he thought Simon looked very plump and tasty. I scared it off and covered Simon's home and platform where he eats with the Adirondack chairs. That made it harder for the hawk to attack. Since then there has been no sign of it...for now.

I read if you spot a hawk around your feeders you should take them down for three days. By then, the hawk has left the premises.

Thanks to our local hawk for dropping it's beautiful feathers for us to enjoy.
Audrey hasn't noticed them...YET.
She's in dreamland.
"Mmmmm...hawk on a sesame seed bun. yum!"

The sun has been out since early morning.
It's a day to be thankful, that's for sure.

hugs, Deb


  1. Audrey actually looks like she's smiling! haha.

  2. I get lots of mourning doves, too, Deb. I don't have any bird feeders, but my trees provide lots of berries for the birds. I'm really quite in awe of the hawk that visits me. He visited again today!

  3. The birds know they have it good.

    Audrey does look like she's smiling!

  4. I love that little girls licorice toes! Too cute!

  5. Audrey!x Your a diamond! Bless!x
    A hundred percent diamond!x

  6. Gosh - hawks at the feeder! Feathers are great, though!

  7. You have a lot of such pretty feeders. I wanted to make some by my own, but I had not so much free time to do it. Maybe in spring.

  8. Good tip about the hawk and feeders. I hadn't thought of that but boy, does it make perfect sense. I realized I need to have a bird-feeding budget. As you said, once you start, no going back!

  9. Sounds like here at the feeders and in our yard ! I have never taken the feeders down because of a hawk Miggs takes care of the scaring it off mostly lol ! We just got another dumping of snow over night so I will be going out to shovel under the feeders to keep it clear for them and to brush off any built up snow on the feeders and fill them up or just top them up it is a daily thing that I do here in the winters . I just love all the Doves you have there ours are few we get more in the spring and summer . Wonderful photos . I could sit and watch my birdies for hours . Thanks for sharing , hawk on a sesame seed bun. BAHHA!! have a good day !

  10. Hawks have to eat, too, but it's hard to think of them grabbing any of the animals we see each day - especially Simon! The hawk can go somewhere else.

  11. Love the Audrey photo!! We think a hawk got our cat Emily years ago. Now I will only have indoor cats!

  12. It is really pretty there. I'm glad you protected little Simon's home and saved him from the hawk. Just about every day I hear and see a hawk circling overhead. Here it is the guineas who scare it away. They go crazy and warn everybody. I love how your pretty lamp warms the window even with all the snow on the other side.

  13. Audrey, such a pretty kitty! Your description of feeding the birds seems a lot like feeding feral cats; you MUST continue once they are dependent on you. However, being out in nature, even when it's cold or rainy, is a little piece of joy, and my cat friends are worth every drop of rain or inch of scarf I have to wrap around my head.

  14. You are The Bird Lady Deb!
    How are you doing...long time no see!
    Linda :o)

  15. Audrey, your wry comments never fail to give is a good laugh

  16. Will there be special sauce on that Hawk sandwich? :)