Monday, January 25, 2016

Around and about the mouse-house.

We are very excited to see that the pileated woodpecker that visited us last week felt welcomed enough to bring his friend for a quick lunch. Because they were at the feeders waaaay across the drive-way from the house, I was only able to get this lousy photo. :(    It's time for a new camera. I've been shopping around and hope to find what I want soon.

I've been told by an avid birder that this is a male (on the right) and a female which means a possible mating may be starting.
Could this mean we just might have baby pileated woodpeckers at our feeders this spring?
I would find that so cool.

Annie and I sat at the table watching the sun come up this morning. The start to another cold, wintry day.

These two love that I moved their cat-tree to the window above the side feeder. I keep the feeder full along with fresh suet and it keeps these two busy for hours. This is where our big woodpecker first appeared.
 In between bird-watching they like to bat at each other. This can end up with one of them getting mad at the other. Mommy dearest has little patience.


The sun is coming up and we are in for a cold but sun-filled day. The finches are going crazy at the feeders.

Enjoy your day, folks.
hugs, Deb


  1. A whole lot of birdie activity for those two to keep an eye on!

    1. They love it, William. Lots of chatter goin' on.

  2. Oh you lucky duck to have the Pilated Woodpeckers at your feeder , I haven't had one yet at the feeders and we have been here for 7 years now , oh well I do enjoy all the other birdies very much . Yes our finches have been feasting on my feeders to in droves lol . Those two must love watching the birdies as for our Harley she couldn't care either way she is a weirdo any ways lol ! Lovely photos . It has been sunny but cold here and damp here rain for this evening and over night . Thanks for sharing , have a good evening !

  3. I love those photos of the sky! Charlie enjoys his window mostly for the sun that he enjoys sleeping in!

  4. Exquisite morning photos! A really special time for you and sweet Annie.

  5. Lovely pink sky!
    Baby woodpeckers would be VERY cool! I hope it happens!

  6. Those finches must think they've flown into a banquet in Paradise.

  7. Yesterday, l Googled the Pileated Woodpecker..
    Very interesting read to. Did'nt realise, it's
    quite a big bird, and has a unique call. And
    that there only found in North America and Canada.
    In fact on Wikki, there a video of one pecking at
    a suet cage...!

    And..Yes, love that sky...Well, it's 'pink' isn't it!
    What could be better..! :).

  8. I love all your photos, Deb! How gorgeous that sunrise was - stunning! And to have two Pileated Woodpeckers at your feeder? WOWZERS!!!

  9. I hope you get baby woodpeckers in the spring, Deb! That would be so exciting. Your sunrise photos are sooo pretty, and what a view for you and Annie!

  10. I heard a woodpecker doing it's work the other morning, and I marveled that it almost felt like spring...I know, bite my tongue. Whappy paws, huh?

  11. Yes that would be so amazing to have them nest and have their babies there!! Don't think I've ever seen baby woodpeckers have you?

  12. So exciting to think of having baby woodpeckers! Great shot of the two of them at the feeder! So funny about the cats whapping each other. Cats are so entertaining....Take care - stay warm! xx K

  13. Those woodpeckers are wonderful! I sure hope they stick around and you can enjoy them even more in the future. -Jenn