Friday, January 26, 2018

Slipping and sliding through the week

It seems quite acceptable to walk like penguins these days. The ground is covered with ice and, like I have heard over and over,...if you don't want to break a bone then don't fall. :-b

I have been chipping ice off the feeders this week in hopes to keep our birds well fed as the temperature drops lower once again. I am looking forward to spring and I don't care how many people tell me to not wish my life away.

There are six downy woodpeckers that make our property their home. If this winter ever ends, I am thinking just maybe we will have some nesting here in the spring. :-) 

Around our feeders lately...

It has felt a bit like 'walking on ice' when it comes to our cat, Audrey's, health, too. Audrey wants to say "howdy" and thank each and every one of you for your good thoughts and prayers for her. She is struggling, I'll not sugar-coat it, but she is coping quite well with her new medication. Phenobarbital takes weeks to get used to and there are some side-effects so I am staying close and not leaving her alone. She gets anxious sometimes and will pace the floor so if I go out she comes with me. Thankfully she is good in the car. There have been no seizures for seventeen days and my prayer is that she never has another one. We are taking it day to day. She will visit her vet soon to see if we need to adjust the levels of her meds. I hope you will continue to keep her in your prayers and thank you to all who have contacted us with your good thoughts and wishes for her complete recovery. This is her resting this morning.

Annie slept most of the day away. The mouse house was flooded with sunshine this morning; something we have needed for awhile. :)

There are copious amounts of work yet to do in the new house. 
Our stairs have made it possible for me to finally visit what will be our loft. I love the view from the windows and look forward to seeing the gardens this summer.
There are a few more doors being hung today. 
Wouldn't it be nice to just wiggle your nose and have it all done. :)

Wishing everyone a fun weekend however you spend it.

hugs, Deb


  1. So glad Audrey is doing so much better. Your work on house is looking good. I know you'll be glad when the work is all done and you can start making it your home.

    Keep standing on the ice ~ FlowerLady

  2. The new house will be quite something when it's finished. Sweet Audrey and Annie... their faces are a delight. I hope the adjustments to the meds go well.

  3. Yes, still sending healing thoughts to Audrey! I know that you enjoy tea, so I'll tell you about a tea tasting that I attended at Rendezvous With Tea, in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. So many luscious teas, including a blue tea! Black, green, white, herbal...and blue! How cool is that?!?

  4. Wishing good things for Audrey........I can't wait to see your new house!!!

  5. Sending good wishes to your sweet Audrey. Hope she continues to do well on her meds.

  6. I find myself wondering and fretting about Audrey rather often--as I would do if I had met her in 'person.' I want her to be her usual naughty endearing self!

  7. Hello Deb,
    I've been praying Audrey and you and will continue to. I hold you both close in my heart.
    The house is looking amazing!

  8. Thank you Deb for posting and bringing us up to date about Audrey! I have been so worried about her and of course I keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Those are beautiful pictures of her and Annie! Your lovely home is coming along nicely! Love the stairs and the plans for a loft and reading nook. How perfect for you and the girls!

    Sending love and prayers to you Audrey and Annie!

  9. Does that lovely wooden staircase smell as wonderful as it looks? Good wishes for Audrey may she soon feel more like her audacious self and, of course, good wishes for sweet Annie.xx

  10. Ah! Bless!x So pleased to hear Audrey!x is getting
    a bit better...l'm amazed she likes going in the
    car..that is unusual for a cat...! :).
    And lovely Annie!x she looks lovely in the sunshine,

    HeHe! I have to say...l'm always amazed, why people
    say..'a few more doors will be hung to~day'..
    Sounds a bit criminal...what have these doors done...
    to receive such a sentence...!!! :0).

  11. We are keeping Audrey in our prayers and we give thanks for the seizure free 17 days. As anxiety is one of the side effects of phenobarbital, hopefully there will be a time when Audrey’s vet can cut back on her dose a bit. She looks just beautiful, Deb. She’s lost none of her star quality. Kisses for Audrey, Annie too.

  12. Yes of course I am keeping sweet Audrey in our thoughts & prayers. One of my fur girls sits on my lap as I scroll through your post, so we had a chat about Miss Audrey & her Mom, Annie. Such a nice photo of Audrey. Your house is coming along (probably too slowly for you). Yes let's enjoy a cup of tea & think happy warmer & healing thoughts

  13. My heart is with you at this time. We have just lost our tabby cat that was my daughter's she was seventeen. Think it was a heart attack but pretty quick. No vets, no medications so we felt lucky for her and us. The lovely thing is that we have three kittens and their mum who was a stray. She came to us pregnant but we will have her spayed and chipped when the kits leave her. Three lovely, fat black and white kits who are already biting and fighting each other! Love your new home and hope you get in soon, it will be great to stretch your legs I think. May Audrey continue healing and my love and thoughts go with you all. Love Andie xxx

  14. ohhh poor Audrey! not so audacious at the moment, you beautiful little kitty, wishing a speedy recovery for you girl!

    the mouse house is looking good! can't wait to see it finished!
    thanx for sharing

  15. Oh Audrey! Your spirit is still there and I'm thankful for 17 days seizure free and good meds. I am so in love with these two as I feel like I've been with you from the beginning when you fostered them. Such a part of us now. Continued love and good thoughts for Audrey and much love to Annie also.

  16. Happy Saturday. I am grateful to hear the positive Audrey report. I know -- I'd be taking Lizzie with me non-stop too. She is SO lucky to have you and to have you able to be with her. Sending love, pets and Lizzie purrs to her -- and to sweet Annie, too.

    The house is looking great! Loved the photo. I think it's colder in your neck of the woods -- we're in the January thaw. No ice on the feeders! Take care!

  17. Kisses to Audrey and Annie. Thanks for showing us your lovely new home.

  18. Oh, I think about Audrey every day. I do want her to get well. You take such good care of your animals. Bless her heart, she could not be in better hands...and Annie too.

    I LOVE your house, and those stairs! Building a house sure takes patience.

    It is always good to see a post from you. Take care and be careful on that ice!

  19. Aww, me and dad are sending purrs and prayers your way in hopes that they help dear Audrey along in recovering. Best to y'all.

  20. Deb, SO good to see a post from you this evening! Please know that you are not alone in your struggles--been there, done that is all I can say to each and every one of your comments about Audrey's health, the weather, the slow-as-molasses house building--all of it. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Nebraska ><>

  21. Sending healing thoughts for Miss Audrey. My Lola sends loving purrs (and we know being around purrs is good for your health).

  22. Paws crossed for continued seizure free days Gail

  23. Lovely bird and Audrey shots dear Deb. Glad she is doing better and hope things continue to improve - she's got to return to those audacious behavior days, haha!

    Deb, great pic of you on the new stairs - know it's a long building process, especially with your cold climate I'm sure, but will be so worthwhile - we are all going to be anxious to see the finished house - come Spring I'm sure.

    Meanwhile, enjoy that adorable teapot for a spot of tea - do you brew in it?
    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. Raining here all day - birdies are wet and chilly-looking - must away to refill suet and feeders!

  24. It must be hard on Audrey, not to know why she feels the way she does. I don't suppose cats worry about the why - they just feel. They leave the why to us. The lack of seizures is of course good, but now the struggle is with the medicine. Poor girl.

    As for walking on ice - just slide!

  25. So happy to have found your blog, with its continuing story of building a home. Delightful!